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Have you ever met someone, with whom you immediately felt a strong connection, despite the fact that you have never met before? This phenomenon could just indicate a random but powerful synergy between two strangers. However, if you’re open to the idea of past lives, there’s a chance you may have known a familiar stranger at a totally different place and point in time. We have past life connections with the people, places, and even pets in our current lives. And if you have ever wondered whether you had a past life, you’ll probably want to know how to tell if someone you know was in our past life, too.

Reincarnation, Past life is not just a modern scientific belief. Ahalya, wife of Gautam rishi had an affair with god Indra and was cursed by her husband. In the next life Rama liberated her from the curse.

Sometimes we think is our partner from a past life? But you’ll be excited to know that our astrological birth chart have the answer to this question. We can see past life connections very clearly through astrology, [Synastry] is typically used for looking the romantic possibilities between two prospective partners. The branch of astrology called synastry is used to compare the compatibility between two birth charts — and an experienced astrologer will be able to see our past life connection with our partner.

We must know that we don’t meet people by accident. They’re meant to cross our path for a reason. Its all about our past life connection with that person, its all about the karmic bondage. Every relationship that we make with people in this earth will not always be surviving, but it also doesn’t mean that it still wasn’t meant to be. Not all encounters with people are meant to last forever. People come into our lives to teach us something, Sometimes the “forever” is not the person, but what we gain from them. They come into our lives to clear the karmic Backlogs that we have with that person from the previous birth. And that’s the reason why we get connected with them in this life.

The main Planet that is responsible for previous life connection is ketu. Any planet in our chart if overlaps ketu in another person’s chart than it indicates past life connection with that person.

Now lets say if someone has moon in Taurus sign, so now look at the chart of the other person, see in which sign ketu is placed, if ketu is sitting in the sign of Taurus in the other person’s chart also. Then we can say that ketu is overlaping moon or vice versa.
If this connection also happens in the navmansha chart then it is confirmed.

Now let’s understand different types of past life connection which different planet’s indicates when they overlaps or makes connection with ketu of the other person, in the chart.

If moon overlaps another person’s ketu it indicates that the person have past life emotional connection, it can be any kind of emotional bond with that person which is continuing in this life and because of which both are connected in this lifetime also.

When Sun overlaps ketu it indicates some sort of fatherly connection with that person, as we know sun is soul, it also indicated some soul lesson attached to the person, its like their souls are connected in this journey of life too.

When venus overlaps ketu it indicates soulmate connection or you can say past life love connection because of which the person will feel instant connection with that person. And due to some pending karma you are continuing your love in this life also.

When Mars overlaps ketu it indicates some past life conflict, fight or passion that both share and due to certain pending karma because of which both are connected in this life and are sharing this bond.

Mercury is child, buddhi when Mercury overlaps ketu it indicates that this person may be your child or vice versa or may be sharing some intellectual or friendly relationship with you which is continuing in this life too.

Sometimes in relationships it can be like the roles are reversed. For example, if you and your mom shared a past life but the roles were swapped in the past life (i.e. you were the parent and she was the child), then it can affect your dynamic today.

When Jupiter overlaps ketu it indicates that the the person may have been his teacher, guru from the past life.

When Saturn overlaps ketu its not a good connection it indicates some sort of heavy pending karmas between the two persons. It indicates some past life setbacks, pain, sorrows etc that both shared.

As we know Rahu is illusion If someone’s Rahu overlaps by other person’s moon it indicates that the person with moon will be greatly affected by this overlap. Rahu represents materialism, mischief, fear, dissatisfaction, obsession and confusion, illusion or snake. Rahu acts like a snake, which when bites, spread the poison of illusion in the mind of person whose moon is overlapped by Rahu of the other person. The person will feel that there is some sort of connection that he is share with the other person but that’s not true, Its just an illusion nothing more than that.

If someone’s Venus overlaps over other person’s Rahu the person will feel Instant attraction, physically, mentally and sexually. This combination is good in case of partnership, as it gives a great attraction towards each other. But its not a soulmate type as people will think but its just a type of attraction that two people are sharing.

Soulmates can come into your current life in all different forms. And soulmate doesn’t necessarily have to be a romantic partner — they can be our friend, your neighbour, or even our sibling. But the one common factor between all past life connections is that we feel very drawn to each other. This could mean that our souls have some sort of unfinished business with eachother or things we still need to learn from one another. No one is brought into your life by accident, We all meet for a reason, whether we know it or not.

whenever we make comparison between the horoscopes of two or more people in order to determine their likely compatibility and relationship, planets of one people will affect the planet in the chart of the other person in some or the other way, it can be positive or negative, but one thing is fixed and for sure that the other person will have some sort of influence in the life of the other person or vice versa. That’s the reason why you feel different in the company of different kind of people.

Some friendships in our life last for lifetime. There may be a friend in our life with whom we go years without talking but when we meet again we easily pick up from where we left off, that could also mean that we have a past life connection. Things like time and distance won’t alter our bond with our best friends if they’re connected to us from another life. If we’re meant to reconnect, then this life will always bring us together.

But we must know that, all the chart that we come across with this overlap doesn’t validate that someone sharing this combination have past life connection with the other person. Its only applicable if the person is very close to us then only we can use this method of overlapping of planets.

Even if we recognize a past life link and that offers us a short cut and easy solution to our problems it is better if we ignore it and face the problems of life directly.

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  1. What happen I’d 2 people ketu cross each other? What does not mean? You did not mention that. Please explain that if you can. Thank you.

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