karmic Reason & Repercussion of childlessness

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Every married woman and man want to have someone of their own, who would call them papa & mamma.
Yet many are not able to become parents. Though both husband and wife are good in terms of health, yet they are not having children’s, here the reason lies in our past life karma which is creating obstacles in child birth.
All beings, irrespective of species, nationality, religion, social class etc are controlled by the twelve houses and nine planets. They affect individual beings as per the Karma applicable. The current life path of a person is determined by his past life Karma. For example, if a person is blessed with wealth in this birth, then it implies this person has done lots of punya in his previous births and so he is enjoying the benefits of it in this birth. Same way having children is also our purva punya ( 5th house and its lord ).
Birth, death, rebirth, child birth, happiness, sadness, non fulfillment of wishes, moksh are all controlled by our karma. Paap – sinful work what we have done in our previous life create’s obstacles in the present life. From the vedic point of view, its important that we always have good thoughts and do not harm others. Bad Karma is even committed when we have unrighteous thoughts.

We all must have heard the proverb as we sow, so shall we reap !! Karma isn’t as simple as it is made out to be.
Karma is the action or the influence of action which remains with us. From the vedic Indian perspective, this imprint of karma goes far into our past, well beyond our ancestors, dated to the most primitive species on earth. Our karmic accumulation over a lifetime dictates the reincarnation cycle, our happiness, childbirth in our next life.
Since karma has such a deep-seated impact, it is crucial to understand the law of karma, and the cause and effect it has over our life.
Infertility or trouble with conceiving a child is heart breaking and it affects the couple emotionally. If IVF and all medical intervention isn’t helping to conceive, then there could be an unwanted imprint on our soul. Infertility and sterility affects both men and women of all ages. That’s why adoption has always existed.

There is also one verse in BPHS about adoption of the child.

पुत्रभावे बुधक्षेत्रे मन्दक्षेत्रेऽथवा पुनः ।
मन्दे मान्दियुतौ दृष्टे तदा दत्तादयः सुताः ॥ ९॥

Meaning – If 5th house is owned by Saturn or Mercury and be occupied, or aspected by Saturn and Mandi, one will have adopted issues.

Mercury is often linked in Astrology for adoption process.

In the Vishnu Purana and other Puranas, a story is told of the seduction of Brahaspati’s wife Tara by the Moon – and Mercury is born from her.

The Moon, being father, is friendly toward Mercury, but Mercury knows that her mother had illicit relationship with Moon and he is born out of it, so he is in conflict with the Moon, who seduced his mother. That is why, Mercury hates Moon . Logically it means , intelligence – Mercury is the child of wisdom – Jupiter and intelligence – Mercury is always in conflict with emotions – Moon.

Planetary placements that indicates Adoption in chat are

• Afflication of 2nd house is must. An afflicted 2nd house with a strong 5th house means adoption of children after denial.
• 5th House having connection with Saturn.
• 10th House has a connection with Saturn.
• 5th Lord has connection with Saturn
• If 5th Lord is Saturn and is sitting in 5th House, then high chances of adoption, especially if Moon aspects Saturn.
• Mercury in the 5th House owned by him receiving the Moon’s aspect.

Historical eras shows women being put aside by their husbands for their inability to conceive a child.

Today we will try to understand this from the past life karmic point of view other then from medical field. One of the reasons for infertility is the connection to past lives. A person’s past life can have a dramatic effect on their current life. Short-term and ongoing fertility problems or live birth problems, including miscarriage and stillbirths, can all be symptoms of a past life issue.

A person’s past life deeds can indeed cause infertility in this life here’s some of the past life causes of present life infertility and why they leave an imprint on our soul.

• Rape is a very big crime, so it can be You may have been a male in a past life who raped women. And now universe is projecting that back at you by refusing you the right to procreate. The native may have a low sex drive in this life if this was the case.
sometimes the soul carry a traumatic experience from past life into this life. If someone stabbed someone in the reproductive part or stomach area of someone in the past life he may carry the curse in the current life.
Only thing you can do is try to forgive yourself and pray for your victims and ask for forgiveness.

• Abortion from a past life causes a karmic debt. our soul and the soul of the baby most likely had an agreement to create this debt in order to learn and grow on a soul level. And our debt have not been paid back in previous lives though, so is being paid in this life. Asking for forgiveness from the soul’s which were aborted.

• Poisoning from a past life causes all sorts of issues. Infertility being one of them. Poisoning includes use of contraceptives and fertility treatments. Overuse of any drug or poison leaves the soul lagging. It’s devastating and takes many lifetimes to overcome.

• Never take a vow to never have children, it’s very powerful thing, it could be that the native has sworn in previous life that he would never have children. And now he is stuck to that vow. Never promise the universe anything like that and pray to have the old vow overturned.

• Now a days a bigger problem that we see during divorce proceedings is blackmailing by wives not to let the father meet their childrens, using children as a weapon against life partner. Which is indirectly creating a curse on them, it can be in the next birth she wouldn’t be able to conceive or have difficulty in child birth.

Its like we did something wrong in the past life and our soul has to pay the debt in this lifetime.

Have we ever thought why do infants die, either in a mother’s womb or later after birth? That question may sound odd initially, but on deeper reflection it’s a very profound question. Why and how?

One of the answers can be such souls have already wiped out every bit of karma from their lives and have a little left, and thus they come into the world and leave immediately the moment that karma is exhausted.
Some believe experiencing of karma also takes place in the womb of the mother too and not just after the child comes out of the womb. In some cases the child may be born again. The reason is very simple If a soul leaves before its time, it will reborn into situations that allow them to resolve what was left over. A reincarnated soul may be born under similar circumstances or have to live through events parallel with its previous life, except with different results.

Now we may ask ourselves what about the Firstborn souls ? One thing about firstborn souls is they have no conscience – they are
Clean of karma because they have no past lifetimes.
Then we may think or ask ourselves why do they die before, they can actually begin life on earth and before creating karma?
So we must know that event of death itself constitutes the first entry in the karmic history of a first birth infant. Such an infant’s death may also occur because of the karma of one or both the parents.

We all know that children inherit the genetics from parents, but they also inherit both fortune & misfortune from their parents. And natives also carry his own past life burdens in this life too.

Pitra Dosh is one of the most obstructive and destructive astrological dosha found in the birth horoscope of a person. This pitra dosha is responsible for many odd and serious problems occurring from time to time in the various spheres of life of the native. Pitru dosh is the dosh or suffering that occurs due to the wrong doings of our ancestors. Due to which the offsprings have to suffer for the doings of their grandfathers and forefathers.
The 9th house is seen as the house of the father, forefathers and ancestors. So if malefic planet is placed in the ninth house that means crimes, sins or bad deeds may have been committed by our ancestors or by us in previous births or past, knowingly or by mistakes, which gets reflected in our birth charts as Pitra Doshas.

Pitra Dosh is also one of the reason for
Denial of male child, that indicates that there will no future generation. There can be one after another abortion or death of child or Repeated miscarriages in the family.
A person who is suffering from Pitra Dosh has to face many problems related to his children. Other than that their children may suffer from physical or mental disabilities. Sometimes you may have seen that a child is suffering from different types of diseases from the very first day of his birth its also due to the curse.

The Pitra Dosh is reflected in a birth chart in many ways, the most important and common combinations among those are the following :

• Conjunction of the Sun and Rahu in the Ninth house of the natal chart.

• Conjunction or aspect of the Sun & Moon or Rahu or Saturn in any house of the birth chart.

• The 9th house under malefic influences, or the lord of the 9th house is ill-placed or retrograde or debilitated in the birth chart.

Now Lets try to understand few Astrological yogas obstructing Child birth but before that lets see “What BPHS says on issues/ denial of having the children ?”

षष्ठाष्टमव्ययस्थे तु सुताधीशे त्वपुत्रता ॥ २॥
सुतेशेस्तंगते वाऽपि पापाक्रान्ते च निर्बले ।
तदा न जायते पुत्रो जातो वा म्रियते ध्रुवम् ॥ ३॥

Meaning – 5th Lord in 6th house or 8th or 12th there will be no childern. If the Lord of 5th house is combust or with malefic there will be no children. Even if pregnancy occurs due to Transit and favorable Mahadasha but the child will have health issues and his life will be at risk.

• When the 5th lord is in the 7th house and the 7th lord is under malefic influence then that woman cannot become a mother.

• If the 5th house is afflicted by Mercury or debilitated Mercury in the 7th house, then the woman is not able to attain children happiness.

• If Rahu is in the 5th house and aspected by Saturn, and Mars and Ketu aspect the 7th house, and Venus is in the 8th house.

• Sun rules the 5th house and its placement in the negative signs and house may lead to some issues related with the children. If Sun or Saturn is debilitated in the 7th house, also gives problem in child birth.

• If Malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Saturn, Mars are placed in the 5th house, native may face the issues related with the children.

• Jupiter is the natural significator of the child. When it is debilitated or have connection with 6th, 8th or 12th house or placed in those houses, issues related to child birth can be seen.
Debilitated Jupiter may give issues with the immunity of the child.

• Sun/Mars placement in the 5th house in enemy or debilitation signs may lead to the miscarriage or abortion.

• Rahu may lead to early pregnancy and if it is aborted then it may give much delay in the second pregnancy.

• Ketu leads to abortions and miscarriages. If no benefic aspect on ketu, it may lead to delay or denial.
If Mercury is with Rahu or ketu more than one miscarriage is seen.

• We also need to check the placement and aspect on 5th lord. If it is positive then native may be able to get it with delay and if very weak then denial.

• We also need to check the 7th and 8th house placements too. Both are linked with the Private parts and the reproductive organs to some extent. If there are some issues with that, denial of the child may occur too.

Sometimes people Force Karmic Links to have kids which should never be done, Never force the issue of having children. If anyone tries to procure children they are not destined to have, the situation usually ends up being sad. It is thoroughly pointless to have children who have no karmic link to you. You have to have karmic bonds between souls to form the link of parent-child. If there are no links, you can’t magic them up or manufacture them without upsetting the balance in Nature.

If a soul has sufficient karmic bonds to be born to a couple but not enough bonds to stay with them, the resulting child can be born to a couple but won’t remain with them. Child can be separated soon after birth or be given away to be raised by those who have sufficient rinbandh to raise the child. Sometimes, the karmic links are such that a soul is born to poor, unmarried couple in one part of the world, spends sometime in an orphanage, gets adopted and ends up living with a rich family in another part of the world.

If someone tries to force the issue with nature and demand on having a child, nature usually refuses to cooperate. Universe knows what we are due and in what measure. If we try to make demands beyond our means, we have only ourselves to blame for the pain we feel. Its like the child would stay with the parents for few years and as soon as the child is old enough, he/she leaves to fulfill their own karmic journey.

For this reason, Hindu scriptures warn people not to force nature and demand children.

There are plenty of examples of what happens when people try to force nature to have children’s.

In the Ramayan, king Dashrath married several times but was unable to father a child. King insisted on having an heir and asked Rishi Vashishtha to help him. Though Rishi Vashishtha is capable of creating an entire universe, he could see that the king had no karmic links to any souls ready to be born. So Rishi Vashishtha advised the king to be patient. Yet, the king was desperate and requested Rishi Shringa to help him. Through Putra Kamesthi yagna, the Rishi was able to entreat the universal spirit to be born as a child. However, the king’s karma were such that he divided the blessed prasad in to four parts for his three favourite wives! The king was overjoyed at the birth of his sons. But because he had no karmic debts with the sons, they caused him intense pain when they left. Poor king died without any of his sons being near him at the time of death. That was his fate and even Rishi Vashishtha or Rishi Shringa could not change that.

In the Srimad Bhagavata puran, there are several examples of why forcing to have child is not a good idea. The entire scripture starts off with the story or Atmadeva who was desperate to have a child. A yogi gives him a blessed prasad infused with a soul that wants to be born, but has no rinbandhana to be born at that time. But Atmadeva’s wife does not want the inconvenience of being pregnant and gives the prasad to a cow. And She secretly adopts her nephew Dhundhukari to make Atmadeva think she has given birth to a child. Through the power of the yogi, soul that has been accidently fed to the cow results in a human child, Gokarna. Overjoyed at having two sons, Atmadev hopes to live a happy life. Sadly, he had no karmic link with either child. The sum total of joy that the children bought got cancelled by the sum total of pain they inflicted upon the hapless couple. Gokarna is the prasad of a yogi and hence continues on his spiritual progress in this life. Dhundhukari is an evil child who steals, cheats and hurts everyone he meets. Dhundhukari dies a terrible death and Gokarna recites the Srimad Bhagavata puran to release him from his ghoulish existence.

The war of the Mahabharata is entirely caused by children that should never have been born. Despite having two wives, King Vichitravirya had no children, he died childless.
But his ambitious mother Queen Satyavati insisted that her illegitimate son, sage Vyasa to impregnate the queens Ambika and Ambalika under the Niyoga practice. The widows, sisters Ambika and Ambalika and one of their maids, Parishrami bear Dhritarashtra, Pandu and Vidura, respectively. But one was born blind, another was perpetually ill and the third, though healthy, was judged to be born of a slave and hence unworthy of the throne. Dhritarastra had no children either, but because of boon granted to Gandhari by sage Vyasa resulted into 101 children. But the end result was the catastrophic war of the Mahabharata that wiped out millions of people at once. Sum total of joy these unfortunate prince’s brought at their birth was cancelled out by the horrific cries and death.

There is a famous story of Gorakh Nath being born out of a cow dung heap.
A childless woman begged Matsyendra Nath for a son. Compassion made the sage encapsulate the soul of a fantastic yogi in a fruit and give it to the woman. Matsyendra Nath told her that he was giving her a son on loan for 12 years. At the end of that time, he will come and collect the child. Soul of a great yogi was desperate to be born, but it was too highly charged with positive energies to be born to any couple alive at the time. The soul of the poor woman had no rinubadhan with any soul to have a child. But Matsyendra Nath used his siddhis to engineer a temporary connection so that the woman had someone to call her mother and the Yogi would had a womb he could be born to. However, karma being karma, though the woman was given a priceless gift, the woman abandoned the fruit in a dung heap for fear that it was drugged. When Matsyendra Nath came to claim his child after 12 years, the woman ignored. When threatened with dare consequences, the lady confessed to having thrown the fruit away. Matsyendra Nath went to the dung heap and called the child to come out. Gorakh Nath came out and joined his guru to continue his spiritual journey. Sadly, this proves that sometimes, if you have no karmic balance. Even blessings are rejected or abandoned.

Nothing happens without the Will of God
& its very True !!
We may have seen many who say, what we need for producing kids except for a male and a female !!

But, such is the Will of God !!
Many who don’t wish, conceive !! & others who keep on trying, are never Blessed !!

NOTE : All the combinations given here regarding Child birth issues, Abortion, Adoptions are generic combinations, so whole chart needs to be analyzed And more then 3 combination are required to fructify any event say it positive or negative. Both the chart of husband and wife need to be checked for child birth issue.

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