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Brihaspati and divine blessings – who will take you out of your mess? 

Guru -The jeeva karaka self – your Birth chat is the reflection of your karmas, your personality and the kind of energies that surrounds you. Astrology helps us in recognizing those energies. 

In this series, today I will introduce about the Brihaspati chakra and various other techniques, wherein you can make Brihaspati as the lagna where it is situated in the chart and predict the kind of energies that will follow you throughout your life.

 This will also help you to predict how and from where you can seek help for your life issues.

 So lets find out who will help you, the Jeeva and be your divine guardian in times of trouble. For an example, check where is Shani – Saturn is placed in your chart. and lets say Say Brihaspati – Jupiter is aspecting it from vrishabh rashi – Taurus sign. So whenever you will be stuck in your career, you will be helped by a wealthy woman, or food related person, a financier or a medicine related person, since Taurus is the rashi of Shukra – Venus i.e woman, wealth etc. In another example if Brihaspati is in Budha’s – Mercury ( Gemini & Virgo ) rashi and aspecting shani. So Budh representing publishers, children, businessman, auditors, lawyers might help you in coming out of your troubles of your work. So what we are doing here is first identifying the rashi of guru. And then we check the significations of that rashi to find out where one can receive help from related to the significations of that karaka eg Shani for profession, Shukra for wealth or life partner and so on.. 

To clarify it further, if suppose Brihaspati is aspecting Shukra from Shani’s rashi. So Shani related people like staff servants common workers matured old people should be catered to, to receive success in Shukra’s field. Peeling the next layer would be to see the devtas and directions associated with guru’s rashi. Example Vrishabha represents Maa Laxmi , Kuber or visiting Tirupati Balaji temple from the south- worshipping them would get you divine help. Here are the rashi directions: Aries, Leo & Sagittarius/ Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn-south direction/ Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – west directions/ Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces -North Direction.

 So to sum up, the equation here would be :

1. Identify the rahsi of guru.

2. Check the graha its aspecting.

3. The significations of the graha can be helped by the rashi significations of guru.

I will help you by giving another example say guru is in Mesha aspecting Budha. So here skin issues, business problems, learning, education can be helped by mesha – Aries – army /police defence strict teachers sportsperson younger brother and prayer to Sri Narsimha Bhagwan or lord Hanumana, also the direction east would be favorable for you. 

Now another exciting addition to this technique would be, that if any graha, if exalted or own rashi with good dignity conjunct or aspects Jupiter- that person would help the jeeva – self.  Example in lord Sri Ramas chart, Brihaspati in karka -Cancer is aspected by exalted Mangal – Mars. Hence he was helped by the vanars esp. Hanumana in the war and his younger brother Laxmana.  But mind You, if the same Brihaspati is aspected by afflicted graha, the jeeva can get in trouble by the same. 

The seekers of jyotisa would find this very interesting and even a layman can also find help by self just by observing the guru in his chart. This explains why certain people help you, why your luck rises when you visit a particular place. Further layers of this technique, I will be teaching more in my upcoming Bhrigu Nandi Nadi Course.  

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  1. Sir thank you very much for the great wisdom. I am Mithun Lagna. My guru is in Taurus (12th House) along with rahu and aspecting ketu in the 6th (scorpio) and venus in the 8th (capricon). undergoing lot of financial issues. Ketu dasa rahu antar going on and about to end now. Kindly advise remedy and help me to overcome it. Thank you so much.

  2. Thanks for sharing this knowledge. May God bless you with good Health, abundance of energy and wealth and companof good and wise people. 🙏

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