hasta nakshatra – the farzi

Hasta Nakshatra is one of the twenty-seven nakshatras or lunar mansions in Vedic astrology. It is associated with the constellation of Corvus and is said to have characteristics of the bird. Those born under the Hasta Nakshatra are said to be skilled in their hands and able to create beautiful things.

As I was teaching about this nakshtra in the class , one of the students stated that shahid Kapoor has Jupiter and Saturn in hasta nakshtra and taurus navmansh and his farzi web series is best example of manipulation power of hasta nakshtra. The theme of this nakshtra is clearly visible in his character where finance is involved( Jupiter Saturn in taurus navmansh and taurus is Rashi of money, currency etc.)

The connection between Hasta Nakshatra and the Farzi web series lies in the concept of deception and illusions. Farzi is a Hindi language web series that revolves around a family of con artists who engage in various schemes to make a living. The movie is full of twists and turns and is a classic example of the art of deception.

Similarly, the Hasta Nakshatra is associated with the ability to create illusions and deceive others. People born under this nakshatra are said to be good at using their hands to create things that can deceive and manipulate others. This ability can be used for both positive and negative purposes. The Farzi movie can be seen as an example of this ability being used for negative purpose.

Another aspect of the Hasta Nakshatra is the ability to use one’s hands to create beautiful things. This is seen in the character of the lead actor in the Farzi movie, who is shown to be an expert in creating illusions that are not just deceptive but also visually stunning. He is able to use his skills to create art that captivates the imagination of the audience.

However, the movie also highlights the negative consequences of using these abilities for personal gain. The family of con artists is shown to be leading a life of constant fear and anxiety, always on the lookout for the next scam. They are unable to trust anyone and are constantly suspicious of everyone around them.

In the end, the movie teaches us that while the ability to deceive and manipulate others may bring temporary gains, it ultimately leads to a life of stress and anxiety. The Hasta Nakshatra, like any other nakshatra, has both positive and negative traits, and it is just one of them.

In conclusion, the Farzi movie can be seen as an example of the connection between the Hasta Nakshatra and the art of deception. The ability to create illusions can be used for both positive and negative purposes, and the movie highlights the negative consequences of using this ability for personal gain. Ultimately, it is up to us to use our skills and talents wisely and for the betterment of ourselves and society.

Hasta naklshtra has many other good traits and deception part is not applicable for all but one thing we can learn from this web series is that your planets in any nakshtra will always reflect their energy through your actions and thoughts.Like in case of shahid Kapoor his hasta nakshtra energy is reflected in his character in this web series.Nakshtra shows theme of an event.If your hasta nakshtra get afflicted than there can be some problems related to hands as well.There are many other secrets in this great nakshtra but I will write about that in coming articles.

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