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There are different schools taking karaka for Spouse for Women. One school of thought takes MARS as Husband and the other school takes JUPITER. Rest astrologers consider that it is VENUS who is Karaka for husband/wife in both male and female horoscopes.
Its better we don’t fall in this controversy, but before that we must even know whats the controversial points are in it.

CONTROVERSY : The husband has been given two positions one is he is the protector and care taker of the wife. He is the head of the family and a guide to the wife, by giving her suggestions. In that respect, Jupiter becomes the karaka.
when we talk of the 9th house, the house of religious ceremony like wedding; which involves the families into decision making, of having a priest match the horoscope and about the wife going on to the family of the inlaw as a dependent member wherein the husband is to take charge, Jupiter becomes the karaka for husband.
On the other hand, the husband is the male complement of a woman. He is the other half, denoted by masculinity, agression, power, discipline, strength, valour. In that aspect, Mars becomes the karaka of husband.
Mars is the natural ruler of 1st, Venus the natural ruler of 7th. They are the complements of each other denoting male and female energy and they would always be the karakas when we’re talking of unions and relationships. Jupiter would play no role at all.
If we notice, carefully texts referring to Jupiter belong to where arranged marriages was the only tradition, in which case love marriage was predicted through afflictions of 9th house and Jupiter and the involvement of Mercury Ketu or Moon with Venus/7th house, because it was considered to be an “immoral” act. While texts referring to Mars belong to where love marriages or equality based relationships had more value. In which case love marriages were predicted by a relationship between 5th and 7th lords along with a strong Venus, because there, it wasnt immorality, but fulfilment of desire that was important.
we can take both Mars and Jupiter for karaka for husband. But today we will discuss about Mars and its fews Technique that we can use in Female chart regarding Marriage life of a female.

MARS : Mars is a planet of action, high energy, anger and assertion, physical expression and drive. It is considered a “masculine” planet. Mars in a woman’s chart can show where she expends her physical energy and how that is expressed. Mars in a woman’s chart can also reflect her opinion of men, indicate some of her relationship or courtship behaviors, show the type of man she is attracted to. Mars also show what her sexual desires are on the physical level. I mean sex that contributes to physical health, which is not the same as making love. If a woman’s Mars is in an air or fire sign, she may become energized by sex. If her Mars is in earth or water, sex may have a relaxing or stabilizing effect.

1. Rahu or Ketu in 9th or 5th house from Mars or Mars conjuncted with Rahu or Ketu, degrecally Rahu, Ketu is more than Mars and no benefic aspect over Mars — gives health issues to husband, marital issues and even divorce.
If aspected by Jupiter the malefic results can get changed or the intensity can get little less down.
2. If Jupiter is Retro for Gemini and Virgo ascendant (native), and Rahu, Ketu in 4th or 8th or 12th house from Retro Mars — Problem in Marriage
3. Saturn Transiting over Mars or in 3rd or 10th house from Mars — Activates Marriage.
4. Mars and Saturn Conjunction or Mars in trine from Saturn — then delay in Marriage is possible, if no benefic aspect over mars like Jupiter or Venus.
5. Mars and Venus conjuntion in birth chart degrecally Venus is More than Mars or same degree — there will be attraction between the partners.
6. If Mars has no malefic influence of Rahu or Ketu over it — Both the partners will be attractive looking.
7. Mars in Scorpio — Husband will be wealthy.
8. Mars and Moon conjuntion or trinal connection or Moon in 2nd house from Mars — Husband will be fickle minded, will have mental tension and will travel for work.
9. Mars conjuncted with Jupiter, Mars conjuncted with Sun — Good Family of husband and knowledge husband.
10. If Mars and Mercury is conjuncted or forms any trinal connection, Mercury in 2nd house from Mars, Mercury is Retro — Love affair with near to family and Marriage to a known person. But no aspect of Rahu or Ketu.
11. Sun or Venus or Jupiter in 2nd house from Mars — Husband will shine after marriage.
12. Mars in Debilitation, Mars aspected by Ketu, Moon in the house of Mars — Separation from husband or husband goes out of the station or say Travel for work.

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