Rohini Nakshatra

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Mercurey in rohini nakshatra makes flower….
Lord of ROHINI nakshtra : Lord Moon
Meaning : Rohana Shakti – The Power to Make things Grow and Create
Deity : Lord Prajapati or Brahma
Symbol : Cart or Chariot, Ox-Cart pulled by Two Oxen, Temple, Banyan Tree
Mantra : Om Brahmayagyanam Prathamam Purustadwisimatah Surucho Vena Aavah ।।
Subudhnaya Upama Asyavistha Satasra Yonimastasravina ||
Sacred Energy Vortex : Kanchipuram Sri Pandava Dhootha Sri Krishna Perumal / Somnath
Gender : Female
Gana : Manushya
Direction : East
Body part : Forhead
Animal : Male Serpent
Bird : White Owl
Tree : Jamun or Java Plum
Colour : White
Controversial exaltation : Rahu 20°00″ in Rohini nakshtra – Taurus sign
ROHINI nakshtra fall in : Taurus ♉ sign
Degree : 10°00″ – 23°20″ Taurus sign
Rohini nakshtra divided into 4 pada :
1st pada 10°00″ — 13°20″ – Aries navmansha
2nd pada 13°20″– 16°40″-Taurus navmansha
3rd pada 16°40″– 20°00″ -Gemini navmansha
4th pada 20°00″– 23°20 – Cancer navmansha

Generic : Native’s having lagna lord or lagan or Moon or prominent planets in Rohini nakshtra are slim, flexible, attractive, immensely modesty, courteous, and gentle, quite simple, straightforward. Eyes are quite beautiful with a heart throbbing smile.

Key features :

• Fertility, Conception, Growth and Development.
• Seduction and Manipulation.
• Rumours
• Jealousy
• Child abuse
• self praising, Ego
• Inappropriate Relationship/ Incest relationship

Characteristics of Rohini nakshtra native’s :

People born under this Nakshatra are believed to be generous and highly drawn towards art, music and other sensory and materialistic pleasures.
They are usually composed and have the right mindset in any given situation. They generally possess the ability to work through many of their adversaries with their wit and charm. Rohini nakshtra native’s are sensible, charming and a friendly individual. They are a pretty straightforward.
Rohini Nakshatra are highly emotional and over attached, close minded and reluctant towards ideas beyond their own convictions. These people are heavily drawn towards materialistic pleasures which may lead them to ignore the other things in life. Natives to Rohini Nakshatra can also be possessive and absolutely attached to their belongings and other individuals in their lives, which may be harmful for them in the long run. Some may go to the extent of using seduction and manipulation to achieve their desired goals.


Rohini nakshtra 1st pada :
Native’s born in Rohini nakshtra 1st pada
will be very calm and gentle like the moon, respect others, great in business dealing due to their smooth talk. falls in Aries Navamsa and is ruled by Mars. Planets here want quick-fire material results. However, the native might be highly materialistic. The pada helps give expression to the feelings and opinions using material means. As a Vargottama pada, it provides natives with intense results are more concerned with sensory pleasures and carnal relationships.
The native can usually be noticed by his habit of splurging money, sometimes in unnecessary things.

Rohini nakshtra 2nd pada : Rohini 2nd Pada falls in the Taurus Navamsha which is under Venus. This pada indicates total materialism. They are experts in materializing their goals and objectives. This pada best exemplifies all what Rohini stands for. Planets here usually give abundance. Being a Vargottama pada it gives very strong results. Their income is also driven through art and business related to moon like nursing, hotels, imagination and local government work. Native born in this pada will be materialistic but at the same time will be very headstrong to take on any life’s problems.

Rohini nakshtra 3rd pada : This Pada is ruled by Mercury and falls in the Gemini Navamsa. They learning the science of body very quickly. They have a tremendous interest in fixing and dissecting the body. This nakshtra produces most of the physicians and doctors out there. They may belong to medical profession and have helping nature. People born under this Navamsa have exceptional creative abilities and can do really well in fields of art and independent business. They are very well balanced in all aspects of life, they can be artistic and at the same time be business like.

Rohini nakshtra 4th pada : The fourth Pada or quarter falls in the Cancer Navamsa. Native’s born under this pada are truth seekers, believe quite heavily in religion and religious text but they are more business like than artistic. Such people love dealing and wheeling, and trading with others. The focus lies on material and home security. Money comes in through short travels. Planets placed here have a maternal quality (The qualities of a mother we’d want to pass on to our kids as well.) to them but can get excessively possessive and narrow minded.This quarter of Rohini Nakshatra is ruled by the Moon. A native in this Pada is attracted to leisure and adventure. He/ She can also be an ardent traveller in life.

Profession : Farming, Gardening, or things related to the growing of food items and its relate subjects. Raw food material business, Herbal Product or medicine. Fashion and creative related work, Fashion designing. Oil & Petroleum or automobile sector. Bars or Hotels. Dealers of aquatic and marine industry. Mechanical or Chemical engineer, work involving adventure and travelling, Tourism, Transportation, Botany, Music, Art, Beauty products, Beauty parlor, Jewelry, Expensive clothes, Bank, Financial institution, Textile industry, water transportation service, food items, fast food, hotel, sugarcane business, cool water or mineral water related works.

Stories and Curse associated with Rohini nakshtra :

  1. Rohini & Chandra – Curse of Daksha

According to the Puranas, Rohini is mentioned as the granddaughter of Lord Brahma and the daughter of Daksha Prajapati. She was married to Chandra, the moon, along with twenty-six of her sisters. The twenty-seven sisters are the twenty-seven constellations in Indian Astrology. Her father had secured the promise that all of them would be treated equally from Chandra. But Rohini being the most beautiful of them all, Moon was drawn to her. This attraction towards her led Chandra to forget all his other wives. And broke his promise to his father-in-law.
Eventually Chandra’s wives went to father Lord Prajapati Daksh regarding this sort of Injustice to them. Daksh cursed Chandrama that he will have to suffer from ‘Kshay’- deterioration of body within short period of time. In order to get rid of the curse Chandrama performed one of the Hardest penance of ‘Mahamritunjaya mantra’ composed by rishi Markandeya in the Prabhas region. Lord Mahadev, on the very occasion of Mahashivratri appeared in front of him informed him that he could not get rid of the curse because what he had done was also injust. Chandrama realized his mistake and apologized for it. Eventhough Mahadev explained him that he had to face the curse but only half of it.
In order to make Chandrama free from curse Mahadev had to place him on his head as Daksh’s curse doesn’t get in vain. Mahadev booned Chandrama that 15 days of the month he would face the curse and the remaining 15 days he would be growing to larger extend. The totally diminished Chandrama is nothing but “AMAVSYA” and the full sized Chandrama is “POORNIMA”. After getting such boon from Lord Shiva, Chandrama built a huge Temple and named that Jyotirling as ‘Somnath mahadev’ here Som means chandra.
This is how jealousy, Rumours, seduction is connected with this nakshtra.

  1. Lord Krishna & Rasalela

In Bhagavad Geeta, Krishna said that He was Shiva among Rudras; He was Arjuna among Pandava and He was Abhijit among Nakshatra Classical Vedic texts mention Abhijit as one of the most auspicious time for doing any auspicious activity excepting travelling to southern direction. Its deity is Lord Brahma. Abhijit means “Victorious” or “the one who cannot be defeated”.
The story from Mahabaratha. Pandu was the king of Hastinapur. Kunthi & Madhri were his wives. Madhri was blessed with Nakula & Sahadev by the help of Ashwini Kumaras. Among them Nakula was a great horse rider another Sahadeva was a great astrologer.
The opponents of padavas king duryodhan approached sahadeva for taking good muhurtha to win the kurukshetra war. Even he is enemy being a good astrologer given the great Abhijith muhurtha to win the war.
Lord Krishna understand this situation. Created a magic clouds to manipulate the muhurtha time to confuse the king duryodhan. Simply duryodhan trapped into it.
This is how manipulation works in Rohini nakshtra.

  1. The Uncomfortable Love Of Brahma And Saraswati

There are many versions of story related to Brahma and Saraswati. And I am sure you people don’t need any introduction about the Hindu goddess of wisdom and knowledge, goddess Saraswati.
At the beginning of a kalpa, a divine lotus sprung from Vishnu’s navel, and from it emerged the grandfather of all creation, Brahma. From his mind and his various forms, he produced gods, seers, demons, men, creatures, days and nights, and many such creations. Then at one point, he split his body in two – one of which became the goddess Shatarupa, she of a hundred forms. She was verily named Saraswati, Savitri, Gayatri, and Brahmani. This is how the Brahma Saraswati story started and the Brahma – Saraswati relationship is that of father and daughter. Saraswathi was Brahma’s manasa putri. Brahma creates Saraswathi to give a wisdom to everyone.
Brahma gets fascinated by her beauty and desires her. Saraswati disliked the attention Brahma focused on her and tried to escape from him, but whichever way she moved, Brahma grew a head in that direction to see her better. Even when she moved upwards, Brahma grew another head on top.
Shiva – Rudra the ascetic god was so disgusted by Brahma’s behaviour, that he lopped off the later’s fifth head. This served as a punishment to Brahma for showing attachment to his creation. This is why we see Brahma with his four heads only.
That fifth face of Brahma turns to Brahmakapala that stuck in Shiva’s palm. Brahma curses Shiva to beg around the world to feed the kapala until it releases from Shiva’s palm. Shiva roam around the 3 lokas (Devlok, Bhoolok & Patalalok) with the brahma kapala and still it be stuck in Shiva’s palm.
At last, in Varanasi, Parvathi incarnate as Goddess Annapoorneshwari and feeds Shiva, that moment brahma kapala disappear from his hand.
So back to the story Brahma’s love for Saraswati is deemed wrong as a father’s sexual love for his daughter and as a creator’s egoistic love for his creation.
In one version Brahma finally requested Saraswati to help him to create the Universe. They were eventually ‘married’ and
Saraswati as his wife helped Brahma to execute his plan accordingly and created the demigod Manu, the first man. More specifically, Saraswati’s son is the rishi (sage) Sarasvata. He, nourished by the bountiful waters of his mother, was able to withstand the Great Drought of Hindu mythology and so survive as the definitive repository of the Vedas sacred texts.
In another version Saraswati was first the wife of Vishnu. The latter, though, already had his hands full with two other wives and so he gave Saraswati to Brahma. Leaving the controversy apart..
The Brahma and Saraswati relationship did not receive the sanctity that is expected of all divine relationships and Brahma’s incestuous pursuit did not fetch him a good place in mythology. The idea of incest is one of the most universal taboos.

  1. Lord Brahma’s inflated Ego

Once Brahma and Vishnu were overcome with the sense of self-importance and ego. They began to argue as to who was the greater of the two. As the argument became heated, Lord Shiva had to intervene. Shiva took the form of a gigantic linga (the phallic symbol of Shiva). The lingam told both Brahma and Vishnu that if any of them could find the end of the lingam, He will be declared as the greater of the two. Both Brahma and Vishnu agreed to the deal.
Lord Brahma and Vishnu kept searching for years. Vishnu realized the fact that Shiva was the greatest among the Trinity. But Brahma decided to trick Shiva. He requested the Ketaki flower to testify before Shiva that Brahma had reached the uppermost part of the lingam and had seen the end. The Ketaki flower agreed. When brought before Shiva, the flower falsely testified that Brahma had seen the end. Lord Shiva became furious at this lie. And punished both Brahma and Ketaki.

  1. Petty case of Jealousy – Saraswati & Gayatri

One day Saraswati was late to arrive at the time when Brahma was to perform a Yagna. He required the presence of his partner to finish the services. Brahma became very angry because his consort’s presence was required to complete the ceremonies. Brahma asked the priest to fetch him any woman and wed him to her at the spot.The only unmarried woman available was a shepherdess of the untouchable Gujar caste named Gayatri, whom the gods hastily purified by passing her through the mouth of a cow. In reality she was no other person than this Vedic hymn of Gayatri incarnated in the shape of that beautiful girl. she is also known as the form of Adishakti. Brahma immediately married that girl and kept her as his other wife together with Saraswati.

When Saraswati finally arrived, she was furious that Brahma had married someone else and cursed him, saying that henceforth he would be worshipped only at Pushkar. She also proclaimed that the Gujar caste would gain liberation after death only if their ashes were scattered on Pushkar lake – a belief that has persisted to this day.

  1. Curse by Saraswati

When Saraswati came to know that Indra was the one who brought Gayatri, Vishnu and Rudra gave permission of the marriage. He cursed them all, she said By the powers which I have obtained by the performance of tapas, may Brahma never be worshipped in temple or sacred place, except one day in each year.
And Indra, since you bring that milkmaid to Brahma, you shall be bound in chains by your enemies and confined in a strange country; and your city and station shall be occupied by your enemies.
Addressing Vishnu, she said, Since you gave her in marriage to Brahma, you be born amongst men, and shall endure the agony of having your wife ravished from you by your enemy.
To Rudra she said By the curse of the holy sages, you shall be deprived of your manhood.
Having pronounced these curses, Saraswati left the assembly, and was accompanied for a short distance by Lakshmi and the other goddesses, when they all declared their intention of returning. On hearing this, Saraswati was incensed, and thus addressed them Since you now forsake me,
O Lakshmi !! May you never remain stationary in one place; and may you always abide with the vile, the inconstant, the contemptible, the sinful, the cruel, the foolish, and the barbarian.
And, Indrani, when Indra incurs the guilt of Brahmanicide by slaying Tvastri’s son, then shall Nahusha acquire his kingdom, and, be desirous of obtaining you.
Saraswati then pronounced this curse on the wives of the gods collectively, May you all remain barren, and may you never enjoy the pleasure of having children.

  1. Modification of the curses by Gayatri

After Saraswati’s angry departure from the assembly, Gayatri modified the curses that had been pronounced. She promised all kinds of blessing, including final absorption into him, to all the worshippers of Brahma. Though Indra be bound, his son should release him. Though Vishnu lost his wife, he should regain her. Though Rudra be deprived of his manhood, the Linga as his representative should be universally worshipped.

SUN : Sun is in Rohini Nakshatra, these natives can be seen as highly ambitious people. Sun represents authority, it also shows that their authority can come through business oriented career. They may not enjoy the job setup environment. As Taurus remains the sign of wealth and finance, it shows that their business can be related with financial matters. But as Sun is in enemy sign, it shows that these people can have a sense of frustration. As Rohini is all about moving forward, they can be all about growing and achieving more and more in their career. As Sun is ego, their ego satisfies or feels secured with getting more & more wealth. It is also creativity oriented nakshatra, so these people can be in creativity related career too. Rohini also has the basic trait of jealousy and Sun is ego. So, because of these two traits coming together, their relations can suffer if Sun is impacting relationship oriented houses or planets. They can also be seen in careers like travelling or communication.

MOON : Rohini was the most beloved wife of Moon and Moon liked to spend his most of time wth Rohini. So, it is common sense that when Moon will feel overjoyed when its in Rohini nakshatra. These native’s generally keep a very balanced, stable and calm mind. Then they are business-minded people as Rohini is nakshatra of business people. They can be in business related with wealth and luxury as Rohini and Taurus both represent that. They are also very sexual by nature due to mythological story involved where Brahma wanted to have an incest relation with his daughter. As Rohini is nakshatra of creation or creativity, these are very creative minds. Now, in negative sides of Moon in Rohini if afflicted, they can be very jealous of others because we know all 26 wives of Moon were jealous of Rohini as Moon use to spend most of the time with her, it will make the native over emotional.

MERCURY : Rohini is ruled by Moon, at nakshatra level, Mercury is in enemy nakshatra. Rohini and Taurus both represent beauty, luxury, conveniences and wealth, they can be very much interested in wealth/finance/luxury related things. Or the native can be in business related to these things. As Mercury and Rohini both represent travelling, they can be a traveler by interest or in travelling related work. Due to flirtatious nature of Mercury and sexual nature of Rohini, they can be highly sexual by nature but still there can be some frustration or jealousy in relation with them. Native can be lover of beauty.

MARS : Mars represents our actions, efforts & energy and Rohini represents independent people who are going ahead all the time, momentum as its symbol is chariot & charioteer. So, Mars in Rohini would actually mean someone who just wants to drive his own chariot. Native won’t like any interference, dominance and control by others and will act as they wish. Native’s are always better to work in own business setup as working under others in job setup may not be their cup of tea. As Rohini is nakshatra is related with sexual activities and Mars also represents our energy and actions, they can have high sexual drive. It can be good position for creative pursuits but the native can be of adamant behavior and nature of being a free-bird. Native need to learn to value others’ opinion/suggestions in their lives and need to learn from their mistakes to not to repeat them.

VENUS : Venus, Rohini and Taurus, all would represent beauty, luxury, wealth, conveniences and creativity. Native can be highly interested in any Venusian nature of work. They can be in finance/wealth oriented work or they can be in any work related with creativity and beauty. Fashion, Media, Arts and Movies industry can be ideal for them. Career-wise or financially, this can be an excellent position. Venus in Rohini/Taurus can make them over-indulgent in wealth, luxury, beauty and sex. This is where this position can become troublesome. Native having venus in Rohini makes over-materialistic.
Venus being in enemy nakshatra which shows kind of frustration or dissatisfaction with results in relationship. Rohini is nakshatra connected with jealousy or insecurity due to the mythological story involved. So, feelings of jealousy, doubts or insecurity can be there because of which the relationship may get Spoiled. Person can also be jealous of other people’s wealth and materialistic achievements.

JUPITER : Jupiter expands things, Jupiter in Rohini can be very good for materialistic gains. The native can have good wealth, especially during Venus/Moon/Jupiter dashas. As Jupiter also represents knowledge and guidance, they can have good knowledge or information related with finance/wealth related field and they can counsellor/guide/consultant be in finance/wealth/assets related field. Rohini is also about beauty, they can be working in any field related with beauty or beautification.
But Jupiter being in enemy sign will give some kind of frustration or dissatisfaction in marriage. Second, Rohini is nakshatra connected with jealousy or insecurity due to the mythological story involved. So, feelings of jealousy, doubts or insecurity can be the reason behind spoiling the relationship.

SATURN : Saturn being in friendly sign but in enemy nakshatra. Rohini is nakshatra of beauty, luxury, wealth and conveniences. So when Saturn is here, all these things will come in life after delay, hard work and perseverance. Person has to work very hard to gain his wealth. His wealth will gradually and slowly grow but once wealth comes then it will stay there for almost life long. Native can be self-critical about his finances, standard of living or his own beauty. Person can also be jealous about others’ wealth and conveniences. They can also be in career related with wealth/finance/conveniences/luxuries etc.
Rohini is also nakshatra of relationship, love, sex and romance, they can have a very cold love life. Saturn being a malefic planet and represents old people, they can get attracted towards much older people than them. This also shows sexual abuse by an older person due to mythological story involved Brahma and Saraswati. Maintaining long distance relationship can sustain their relation in a better way. Overall, it shows a very difficult love life, especially before 30.

RAHU : Native can be someone whom we can call as Filthy Rich. They can be in finance/wealth oriented work or they can be in any work related with creativity and beauty. Fashion, Media, Arts and Movies industry can be ideal for them. Career-wise or financially, this can be an excellent position. Rahu in Rohini/Taurus can make them over indulgent in wealth, luxury, beauty and sex. Rahu being a malefic planet, the native can spent money on unnecessary things. They can also take illegal paths to make money.
Rohini where Moon was spending most of his time with only one of his wives, i.e. Rohini. Hence, this nakshatra and planet like Rahu here can make person over-materialistic.
Rahu in Rohini native can have extreme desires and expectations from relationship, especially in matters of sex. Rohini is nakshatra connected with jealousy or insecurity due to the mythological story involved. So, feelings of jealousy, doubts or insecurity can be the reason behind spoiling the relationship. Person can also be jealous of other people’s wealth and materialistic achievements. This position can also lead to fraud, cheating or infidelity in relationship.

KETU : Ketu represents research and investigation and Rohini and Taurus, both would represent beauty, luxury, wealth, conveniences and creativity. So, it shows that the native can be very good with financial nature of research. Native can easily understand finance, wealth and assets related matters. They can also be good at matters related with beauty, conveniences and luxuries. It is like they have dealt with all these things in past-life. So, they are bringing that past-life expertise with them in this life. Hence, it becomes naturally easy for them in dealing with these matters.
Ketu represents separation, split, break-up etc, if Ketu is getting involved in relationship matters in a chart, it is never a good placement. Native will be feeling separated in relationship either physically or mentally or both ways. Rohini nakshatra is related with sexual abuse, it can be said that they have survived sexual abuse in their past lives. They can have similar abuse in this life too. As Ketu remains illusion, possibility of cheating is high in relationships.

  1. Moon represent’s movement, change. Rohini is Moon’s nakshtra. Native born with Moon in Rohini nakshtra are over emotional and over attached.
    If Moon in 5th house or in lagna is in Rohini nakshtra the native will be over emotional and over attached, so much attached that he can’t even dispose his old items.
  2. For Capricorn lagna native with Moon in 5th house in Rohini nakshtra may face problem during Marriage because of rumours or even because of jealously someone can spread lies against the native. This combination also makes the native creative and expressive.
  3. 3rd lord Venus in Rohini nakshtra in 10th house the native may be very soft in communication, very expressive and creative. We can connect it with Music, Drama the native may have interest in Music, Arts, Drama etc.
  4. If any Planets in Rohini gets afflicted or any malefic planet in Rohini the native turns to be egotistic, will be of nature of self praising, never listen to anyone its like I don’t take advice from anyone kind of nature.
  5. Moon in 10th house in Rohini nakshtra the native will create something which is original of its kind, the native can be center of attraction in work place and because of which people may be jealous of the native. And if afflicted the native may steal someone else creation and promote it as his own and do self praising at work place. People will create scandal against the native.
  6. Retro Saturn in 4th house in Rohini nakshtra, 4th house represent’s our emotions and thinking, it will make the native stubborn or ignorant in nature.
  7. If Rohini is unafflicted in the chart people will copy the native and if afflicted the native will copy others.
  8. Any planet placed in Rohini nakshtra will always be in momentum or say in movement because it is its desire. Saturn in Rohini the native will have career related to travelling, civil aviation and the nakshtra is related to Moon. So, it can be related to Liquid too like mineral water related work.
  9. Moon Represents Aushudhi, Ras, when Moon & Mercury are in Rohini it represent’s Flower.
    Mercury in Hasta and any planet in Rohini or Mercury conjuncted with Moon or Venus also represent’s Flower.
    Native born in Rohini nakshtra has love for Gardening, Flowers, Plantation, cultivation or will be connected with perfume.
  10. Moon in 5th house in Rohini nakshtra and aspected by Mercury the native will have love for flowers.
    And if Jupiter is afflicted or Retro will give allergy related to smell from flowers.
  11. If a native has retro Saturn in lagna and Mercury in 5th house in Sharavan nakshtra the native gives flower remedies.
    Any malefic in Rohini, in lagna, 4th house or 7th house it will teach the native a lesson, it will force the native to create something because the native must have faced something related to the house where placed.
    Retro Saturn in lagna in Rohini gave the native health issues. So he created something related to 1st house. So related to health the native created flower remedies.
  12. Retro Jupiter will give Sinus issue, fatty liver, diabetic, stomach related issues to a native. If Jupiter is conjuncted with Moon the native will get cold very easily. Even we can see or may feel as if the native is talking through his nose. Like Himesh Reshammiya sings from nose.

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