Untold Technique of Rahu and Ketu

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Rahu and Ketu is considered as a shadow planet in Vedic astrology, but its effect is observed on every zodiac sign. According to Indian Method, Rahu and Ketu are changing signs. According to Vedic Astrology, the nodes of the Moon brings significant changes in 18 months of its transit, but it can be favourable outcomes for some and a bumpy ride for others.
Both Rahu and Ketu hold high significance in Vedic Astrology. These planets majorly affect our lives and its various aspects. Rahu ketu transits have high impact on our academics, marriage, career, family life etc.
Today i am going to explain few untold techniques of transit Rahu and Ketu researched by Eklavyaa Astrology.
The 18 months transit of rahu and ketu will activate the planets in the sign where they transit and even the other sign represented by that planet over which it is Transiting.(for example ketu transit in scorpio will activate the planet in Aries also and will also affects karaktatwa.
Lets try to understand those Technique with a example chart.
Cancer asc native.
Moon is in 6th house in saggi.
Mars in12th house in gemini.
Saturn in scorpio in 5th house.
Sun and mercury in 11th house in tarus
Venus in aries in 10th house.
Rahu and Jupiter in 9th house in pisces.
Ketu in third hosue in virgo sign.
When ketu was transiting in 3rd hosue in virgo(sign of mercury) sign in july 2005 the native get operated for stomach operation. Fifth lord mars which was in 12th house in gemini(another sign of mercury) get activated, fifth house stomach,mars is injury, 12th hosuse is hospitalization.
Than rahu was transiting in 9th house in pisces and also activated the moon in 6th house which is sittingi n saggi in another sign of of Jupiter..lagna lord in 6th get activated. At the same time native starts earning ..got first job after stomach opertation…
ketu was transiting in virgo activating mars in gemini which is both 5th and 10th lord. Rahu activates Jupiter while transiting in pisces alongwith moon which is in 6th hosue being lagna lord in saggi.
This is a wonderful techniques but use it after analyzing the transit of Jupiter and Saturn for better understanding.
For the same native When ketu transited the 5th house over saturn on 23/9/2020. Saturn is karam karaka represents profession.But this transit ketu in 5th house over saturn in Scorpio sign activated the 10th house and the natal venus in the 10th house, because of venus in Aries so here ketu transit over natal Saturn also activates the venus which is in 10 thouse(Aries sign).10th house represent’s work area, professional field. When ketu transited the 5th house on 23/9/2020 the native changed his job, events related to profession gets activated. Here venus is 4th lord, venus represents vehicle, here ketu activates venus and 4th house and the prediction that comes out of it is the native took new car(detached from old car) and had changed his living place and house. Venus also represents wife, the wife of the native may have faced gynecological issues.
Now new research……..
If the depositor lord of transit Rahu or Ketu stays in any house for a longtime or the depositor lord is a slow moving planet, then many significant events can get triggered by rahu or ketu related to the significance of the planet and the house where rahu and ketu transits and its depositor lords.
For example-capricorn ascedant rahu transit in5th in taurus right now and there is mars in 10th house and ketu transit in scorpio and in aries there is Saturn(profession) in aries so this transit indicate change in living place or change in job or break. Now when mars (dispositor of transiting ketu) was transiting in 4th house over Saturn(karka of profession) the person left his job and change in living place happned.Here dispositor of transiting ketu was staying in 4th house for a long time and used fro narrow down the timing of event.
For the cancer native mentioned above job change hapend when mars was transing in aries in 10th house.
Also operation of above native stomach when dispositor of ketu mercury was transiting in lagna(ascendant). See the magic of techniques.
Always watch dispositor transit of transiting rahu and ketu on mundane level…for example mars the rashi lord of transiting ketu when was in gemini it proves fatal because it was making shdashtka yoga with ketu.lot of deaths(scorpio).

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