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Many times you have heard a word ‘activation”. People say they have activated their third house or this house by this activity…But in reality it is not us who activate the planets it is the planetray energy that get activated and create an atomosphere around us. a certin dasha and transit not only activate an event at a large level but it also affect the even the smallest area of our life. Transit or dasha of a planet not only affect our carrier,money or other things but it also affect your vastu,communication devices even your identiy may get changed… u have seen astrologer saying that u did this construction work at your home and this is affecting your carreer..but it is not the house construction that affecting your career but it is the planetry enrgy that got activated around him and affecting his life’s every corner..
👉Now how fooling is connected with astrology. I will explain it. We know, there are many remedial measures that we perform or suggested to us whenever we visit any Astrologer but are we sure that the event got triggered or problem got sorted out because of the remedy or it was because of the benefic planet transit or dasha after the melafic that really sorted the problem. I don’t say that remedies don’t work but any blah-blah remedy just for fooling someone won’t work. For example if your marriage is not happening confused astro will tell buy a car and your venus will get this perfume your venus will get activated…but actually it is not we who activate this and is the venus when it get activated we buy vehicle or get married or start buying luxury items etc.
👉🔥Lets say If someone has mars and rahu conjunction in Capricorn and saturn Transit’s over it, what results can be expected ??
We know Mars and Rahu are opposite energies and when Saturn Transit over them the energies will get activated. The native will face problem in work place, there will be ego clashes there. There can be any sort of conspiracy against him, he can face betrayal or say cheating, fraud can happen with him. Why so ?
Because Mars is security and Rahu is breach or say break in it. Saturn when Transit over Mars and rahu in Capricorn such events can happen, job change can be seen because of ego clashes in the work place.
We all know that every planet placed in our birth chart is placed in that place because of some reason and it has vital impact in our life and even in the vastu of the house where we life. And its not only the planet placed in the natal chart but also the Transiting planets which impacts our life and vastu of our house.
So when saturn transit over mars+rahu in Capricorn, even impact can be seen in the house of the native like some sort of construction or repairing can happen in the house of the native. Mars is kitchen, so some kind of issues can be seen in the electronic items in the kitchen or problems in the gas stove can be seen. Its an clear indication that transit of planets impacts our vastu. Rahu is toilet so some repairing in thetoilet can be seen or toilet seat may get broken…
So if some how for a reason it happens that we visit any cunning Astrologer what will be his Prediction and remedy that he will give us? He may say your gas stove is giving problem to you or any sort of electronic items of the kitchen is not working Repair it, repair the gas stove every problem in your life will get sorted out but it doesn’t work that way. Till the melafic transit planet doesn’t leave the house or any benefic planet doesn’t transit over it nothing will improve.
That’s where the main game is played when someone is able to calculate the timing of event and when he is sure that the coming time period is good because of coming benefic planet transit, he will make the remedy and say you to repair the gas stove or any sort of such remedy but actually the problem in the native’s life got sorted out because of benefic planet’s transit and not because of those remedies. He is doing nothing but fooling the native.

Saturn transit over Mercury. Mercury represent’s green plants, now it can be the native purchased plants for his room.
Venus+Mercury in 4th house and Saturn Transit over them, the native can purchase vehicle, he can even plant flower plants in his house, why ?? Because Mercury is plants, Venus is beautiful, 4th house is our house. This event can even happen if saturn transit in the trine of mercury. And even when mercury is in Rohini nakshtra and Rahu transit in Rohini nakshtra. Because Rohini is creation and Rahu is desire.

Saturn Transiting over its friendly planet venus can give monetary gain, purchase of vehicle.
The reality is each transit activates lots of events in our life from small to big.

Saturn transit over Mercury + Rahu the native could have brought artificial flower cunning astro will say u have bought this artificali plant in your house that’s why u are facing skin issues or a communication device may face problem too..remove it your skin issues will go away. But it is not the has to happened in this way.
Saturn transit over Mercury+Mars and Rahu aspecting this conjunction can give skin issues to the native.
The people who don’t know the activation techniques or timing of event can be easily fooled by these tricks like to activate your sagitarius sign in 11th house start visiting temples u will gain money but to be frank until and unless that energy will not be activated by planets in your birth chart nothing is going to happen…not even visitng temples..Dasha of a planet change disha of our life it also change our nature and habits too…also vaat,pitta,cough…eventually person will start behave diferently….

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  1. This is the perfect and unbiased article I have seen on planet activation. I have given remedies to many of my friends yet they don’t get a job. However, when the time has arrived they just get the job without doing any remedy. I guess the best remedy is acceptance and relentless effort. Surrender the rest to God.

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