Pending Karma

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There are many misconceptions and myths in astrology, which were spread by many modern astrologers. These myths are part of bigger conspiracy of publishing a book under a catchy name or to bring something controversial on the table without any research.
Vedic astrology is related to Hindu belief talking about past life and accumulated Karmas of past lives which get manifested in situations of the present life. All our prospects of future, our family, wealth are because of our past life punyas or paap. whole horoscope of a native shows his past life Karmas, prarabdha, and sanchit Karmas. Hence, all 9 planets, 12 houses, all divisional charts are nothing but mathematical calculation that depicts our present life based on our past life Karmas. There is although special focus on trine houses, I.e. Lagna, 5th house and 9th house as being connected with our Sanchit karmas, Kriyaman karmas and aagami karmas.

Rebirth of souls is fundamental belief in Hinduism, where by the Sanchita karma , Punya, Shapa has to be suffered by the soul re incarnated. It is written in manuscripts that a soul has to wait for the exact constellations of stars before it get a new body to take birth in this world. The type of life which a person gets depends on his Sanchita Karma (Accumulated results of virtue and sins of past life).

Bhagwan Krishna says in Bhagvad Gita Chapter 2, Shloka 22

“वासांसि जीर्णानि यथा विहाय
नवानि गृह्णाति नरोऽपराणि |
तथा शरीराणि विहाय जीर्णा
न्यन्यानि संयाति नवानि देही ||”

Translation : As a person sheds worn-out garments and wears new ones, likewise, at the time of death, the soul casts off its worn-out body and enters a new one.

What is Karma and what is Past life karma?

The Law of Karma can simply be stated as: “As you sow, so shall you reap.” or “For every action there is equal and opposite reaction”.

People who believe in ‘fate’, believe that during their life they are subject to experience certain events in a pre-defined way. This means, that happenings are decided long before they occur. Thus, notion of ‘Fate’ does not allow any scope for the freewill of a person. Karma or action of a man is cause of the creation of Fate.
Every act once performed (whether at physical level or at mental level) creates its reward on the basis of attitude and intention of the doer.

Karmas are divided into three categories :

Sanchit : Those Karmas where the fructification time of the reward is very long and generally beyond the present life time. Arrears of such past Karmas is the cause of cycle of lives of the spirit.

Prarabdha : The portion of Sanchit Karma where the rewards are due to be delivered during the present life.

Kriyamana : Are such karmas where the rewards are delivered immediately upon performance of the Karmas. An action is done, reward availed and nothing is left out. These are the actions performed through the free will of a person. These are the actions performed in present time.

Aagam : Aaagm karma involves all the intentions and plans and agenda that we create. So, these are primarily at mental level only.

What is significance of Past life karma in astrology?

Astrology works on examination of Horoscope of the native created at the time of birth. In simple words, it is the Map of the sky over the place of birth at the time of birth. The predictive part of Astrology correlates the placement and combinations of planets with the past karma of the person. Thus, astrology deals with that form of karma known as Prarabdha. Prarabdha means, result of the past life Karma.
So, the natal horoscope what we call Rashi Chart or D(1) in itself, is nothing but indicator of native’s past life. Of course, it may not show us clearly the interesting details.
For the advance seekers of astrology, the Shastiamsa, D(60) shows the Sanchit Karma. It will show the root cause of problems seen in D(1).

Today we will try to understand regarding past life pending karma and Activation in our chart. Many people have listened this word oftenly but nobody have talked about its activation, how it get activated through transit and dasha. I have explained before how dispositor theory work in the chart, how dasha which shows dridh karma affect even smallest of the event of our life. Dasha shows the disha of life. Pending karma, planets visiting to us to take the debt etc theories are not new thing it is like giving new name to old things and hype it as if it is something new discovery, earlier we used to say that during this dasha these event will happen, whenever dasha of a planet run it will definitely activate many things related to its karaktatwa for example ketu dasha running so it doesn’t matter where ketu is placed, ketu will definitely start affecting your life due to its inherent nature or you can say planet ketu will start taking debt through its karaktatwa. You can call it planet start visting you (new name to old things).
Let me explain it with an example, Capricorn lagan rising, Venus ketu in Capricorn in lagna, retro Saturn, retro Jupiter in 9th house in sign of virgo, sun mars mercury in second house, there is exchange of mercury and saturn (9th lord and 2nd lord)
Saturn is karam karaka. The role of saturn is very important in our life. None of the event in our life can get triggered without the help of saturn, the transit of saturn is so important that every event of our life is associated with saturn take child birth, Job, Marriage, Foreign Travel, Education etc. Saturn gives results of Kriyamana karma and also the results of our past life karma.
Jupiter represent’s 9th house our Bhagaya, Jupiter is our past life guidance, blessings, Jupiter is purely past life blessings i.e the Purva punya and it gives results related to that in our current life. That’s the reason why transit of Jupiter is seen because we need the blessings of Jupiter for Job, Marriage, child birth etc.
Virgo is the sign of pending karma.
For Capricorn asc, virgo the sign of pending karma falls in 9th house. Mercury is very important planet for Capricorn asc people because it rules the 6th house and 9th house, mercury here is associated with Prarabdha karma and our past life.
Capricorn asc people gain wisdom through practicality (Jupiter the planet of wisdom get debilited in the sign of Saturn) wisdom (jupiter) through struggle (Saturn), they face lots of struggle in their life, they gain knowledge after lots of struggle. The sign of siblings falls in 6th house for Capricorn asc it indicates they do lots of things in their life for their siblings.
For Capricorn asc virgo falls in 9th house, 9th house represent’s Guru, Father, Temple, Long distance travel, Higher education, Bosses and by generic blank chart Prediction we can say that a Capricorn asc native can have conflict with knowledgeable persons, father figures bosses, guru, teacher and if not conflicts then it can give diseases or person may have to do service of all these in nay form but still we need to see other aspects in the chart also. For example in the chart discussed—
Retro Jupiter and Retro Saturn in 9th house virgo sign indicates pending karma related to father, bosses and guru. It shows conflict (virgo) with guru, teacher or bosses.
Planets in Capricorn sign denotes very karmic relation to that planet and also affects our profession. Venus and Ketu in lagna in Capricorn sign, venus represents vehicle, money, finance, female. Ketu shows past life connection and both Venus and ketu are opposite energies. It indicates the native can have conflict with female in workplace, 9th lord and 6th lord Mercury in 2nd house will give challenges from family.
The pending karma of the native will get activated when Saturn will transit in lagna, 9th house and 5th house.
A lady will come in the life of the native from past life as an teacher and harass the native. We got to know about these through the transit, But the dasha is fixed. And the event will happen during the dasha of the planet involved. Its all about our Renanu Bandhan.

Renanu Bandhan (bondages of past life) means that the friends and eniemies one make, enmity one keeps or family which one gets depends upon past life debts. No one comes in a person’s life without any reason. People are inter linked with each other by the hidden hands of past karma. Meaning if someone is coming repeatedly in life or if some issues are not getting resolved even after much efforts then it is likely that persons or such issues are linked with the karmic records of past lives. If one shares fortune, career, life or luck with someone, it is likely that such relationship is developing on account of past debts. It is also seen at times that bad fortune of someone becomes good fortune for the other. Such situations may remain interlinked and credits to past.

What prarabdha karma will be playing deterministic role can be seen by analyzing the Navamsa, D(9) chart. This is the reason (the free-will factor) why an astrologer can predict what would be the circumstances like but can never predict what is going to be the end result. The end result depends upon the native’s reaction to the circumstances presented by his past karma. Hope, this makes sense.

Human life is not made up of Prarabdha alone. Had this been so, life would have become mechanical and ended long back. Life is dynamic. It keeps on creating new designs. This happens with the coexistence of Prarabdha and Power of free-will.(it can be decoded through atrology too).

Let us appreciate that the Law of Karma is not aimed at punishing a person. Rather, it creates opportunity of learning and modifying our behaviour and evolve.

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