Predictive techniques using absolute basics.

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Let me share this through a practical example.
Capricorn ascendant and there is mars and rahu in Capricorn in first house.
In the second house there is sun(Aquarius the mool trikon sign of Saturn).
First sign of Saturn is Capricorn which is occupied by mars(fiery planet) along with rahu so combining it makes explosion.
Second sign Aquarius is occupied by sun(fire).
Now the Lord of these two sign is placed in 12th house (12th house is feet) now this Saturn is in Sagittarius (fire sign).
Saturn here occupied 12th house but Saturn has a fire energy{due to being a dispositor of two fiery planet mars and sun ..(mars and rahu is explosion)}.
What will be the prediction using it
The native’s feet get burnt by the explosion of fire crackers.this native burnt his feet.
I have just add tatwa of sign and nature of planet.
Now let’s add something else..This native has ketu in cancer sign(water)but this ketu is aspected by mars from lagna(conjucted with rahu) so now this ketu in water sign is like steam water…This ketu is aspecting Pisces sign(feet)
The same person burnt his feet by steam water..In the childhood he put his feet accidentally in a hot water.
Rahu and ketu are shadow planets..They work according to thier sign lord, aspect of other planet and other factors.
If ketu is aspected by mars than whenever ketu will aspect it contains the energy of mars(fire).

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