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Every Astrologer and astro learner knowns about Navmansha and how to calculate or how planets gets placed from one sign in lagan chart (D1) to same or any other sign in Navmansha chart (D9). For a layman to understand this may be a problem. I too even had that issue, understanding it at the beginning.
Lets me try to explain this in a layman’s way.


Navmansha is a Divisional Chart- Simply Means 9th Division of a Sign. Every Sign is consists of 30 degree and when it is divided in 9 part or division, each Part or Division is known as Navmansha. We must know that Lagna chart do not change within 2 hour span. But the Navmansha Lagna Changes within 13-14 minutes span.
Every Sign is of 30 Degree. So to Calculate the Navamsha we will divide the 30 degree in 9 parts. So each part becomes 3 degree 20 minutes. So there are total 108 Navamsha.


First we have to take the degree of a planet and divide the degree of the planet with 3°20, and round the answer if its in decimal.(Like 2.1 will be counted as 3)

And just remember this grouping :

  1. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius (Fire sign) — the first navamsa will be Aries,
  2. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn (Earth sign)— the first navamsa will be Capricorn,
  3. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius (Air)— the first navamsa will be Libra,
  4. Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces (Water) — the first navamsa will be Cancer.

Example : If a planet is 28°18″ degrees in Virgo. So we need to divide 28°18 degrees by 3.20 whose results is 8.8 now round it so its 9, this means the planet is in the 9th Navamsha of Virgo sign. The first navamsa sign of the earthly sign will be Capricorn, the 9th Rashi from Capricorn is Virgo, the planet will occupy the Virgo Navamsha.

Example : If a planet is 7°19″ degrees in Aquarius. So we need to divide 7°19″ by 3.20 whose result is 2.24 now if we round it up its 3, this means the planet is in 3rd navmansha of Aquarius. The first navmansha of air sign falls in libra sign, now count 3 from libra its Sagittarius, so the planet will occupy Sagittarius navmansha.

And the same rule applies during the transit of planets also, we know that saturn is Transiting in Capricorn sign and its 15°19″ degree today, so now divide 15°19″ by 3.20 the result is 4.74, and if we round it its 5. Now Capricorn is a earthly sign, so 1st navmansha of earthly sign starts from Capricorn, so now count 5 from Capricorn, so its Taurus sign. So that means Saturn is Transiting Capricorn sign in Taurus navmansha.

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