Dynamic Jyotish Activation of Event by Transit

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It is with great pleasure that today on this auspicious occasion of Sharad Purnima.
A new course called Dynamic Joytish is been announced by Eklavya Astrology, which is unique of its kind. Participants to this course will learn regarding Timing and Activation of event and blending graha and karkatatwa and the most important is real life use of Astrology.
Sharing few things which this course contains and what you people will learn —
Let me share an example currently mars transit in Virgo. Mars is injury, after slow moving planets like Jupiter, Saturn and rahu ketu. Mars plays a vital role in the timing of events. So suppose someone has Sun, Mars and Ketu in 2nd house. 2nd house is our eyes and sun also represent eyes. Now Mars with ketu affecting 2nd house and sun indicates injuries in eyes specially viral infection or by sting of bee etc. Ketu affecting 2nd house and sun shows squint eyes.
Now mars and sun both transiting in Virgo so the native in this period will suffer from disease in eye and his eyes may get squinted or swollen due to sting of a bee.

Another example of Activation of an event Mars is your thumb. Currently Saturn is transiting in Capricorn sign along with Rahu in Taurus. If you have Mars in Capricorn and it is already afflicted by rahu or ketu or you have rahu and ketu in Taurus, Virgo or in Capricorn in your birth chart, than current transit of mars in Virgo, trine to transiting Saturn can give you injuries related to thumb. Mars is aspecting meena rashi now this meena rashi(Pisces) is getting aspect by ketu. If your third lord or Pisces falls in third house than chances of this injury is very high as two planets mars and ketu are affecting it. It can be a blood related infection too. Mars affliction in natal chart and Saturn transiting over it or in trine or aspecting it and if the dasha or antra dasha lord is connected with 3rd lord or Mars than there is high possibility of this happening. We must know that #saturn holds the key of an event.

One more example Moon in cancer sign is a fresh water source. Ketu is devine. If Moon is conjuncted with Ketu or ketu in cancer sign. Activates an event that is Travel to fresh water source when ketu transit in Trine to moon or ketu transit in cancer sign the event gets activated, its an clear indication that Astrology is everywhere and in everything.

Many people say Feeding fish is a remedy for ketu but until and unless anything is activated in our birth chart by Dasha and transit nothing gets activated, Not even feeding fish. Dynamic jyotish is not an easy task. Ketu in cancer sign denotes fish in fresh water source. ketu transit in trine to moon or ketu transit in cancer sign the event gets activated. People should come out of illusion that they are activating planets. It is not that you are activating the planets. It is the planets that activates everything around you. We are just a source. Planets shows their effect in every small or big act of ours. The day people learn about dynamic jyotish. They will stop running after remedies.

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