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Is atonement so important? Yes it is. We have to ask for forgiveness, we have to apologise for the crime we commit.

हमें अपने गलत कर्मो का प्रायश्चित करना बहुत जरूरी होता है, हमें गलत कर्मो की माफी मांगनी होगी, नही तो हमें ता उम्र और फिर उसके अगले कितने जन्मों तक इसकी सजा भुगतनी होगी इसका पता नही, साथ ही हमारे कर्मो की सजा हमारे अगले पीढ़ियों को भी भुगतना होता है।
But sometimes we think why still some people don’t suffer after commiting so many crimes. The answer lies in his Prarabdha karma. Prarabdha means, result of the past life Karma. The portion of Sanchit Karma where the rewards are due to be delivered during the present life.

The karma is divided into three categories . The first category is ‘Sanchita’, which is the bundle of deeds accompanying the soul on this earth after leaving the upper worlds.

The second category is ‘Aagaami’, which is the additional list of qualities that is added in the present life to accompany the soul in future that reaches the upper world. The results of some of the deeds done in this life give results here itself. For example: If you put your finger in the fire, the punishment of burning takes place immediately here itself. In this light, this world is called as karma lok. Here both the action and sometimes the enjoyment of the fruit of action are possible. Sometimes, some actions give results here itself and the remaining results will be added to the soul in future through the links of the qualities.

Prarabdha karma is the third category, which exists between Sanchita and Agaami. It may be the result of a specific deed that was not covered in the upper world and happens to be the reason of the present birth. Let us take the case of the person, who is born physically disabled. A born physically challenged can also come under the general case of Praarabdha. The soul might have been a rowdy, who use to hit innocent people’s for money and for his enjoyment.

Although, Tracing Pending karma from a natal chart is always a tough job, as many people carry those karmas from immediate last birth or some of them carrying from many of past journeys. These are hard to trace combinations.
As per my self little understanding and from my Guru and the texts what i have read, i am compiling my knowledge regarding karma And how to check the pending karmas for this life :
What all we need to see ?

  1. The 6th house and sign, its lord and planet in 6th house.
  2. Saturn and Rahu placement and aspect.
  3. Retrograde planets in the chart.
  4. Virgo sign and planets in virgo sign.
  5. Aatmakaraka.
  6. Scorpio and Aquarius sign in D9

Many more divisional charts are also necessary to be seen but Now lets not complicated it with divisional charts and try to understand how to see what all karma are connected with us only through D1 and D9.

6th house, planets placed in it and its lord shows what is the pending karma of this life that must be finish. If one has libra sign in the 6th house and there is no planet placed in the house then we have to see where 6th house lord is placed. that placement shows what sort of blockage one is experiencing in this birth with respect to that particular house placement. If venus is 6th lord and if it is placed in the 10th house in Aquarius sign then one may experience problem in his career or profession because of his relationships with the female members in his office environment or one can face problem in his career via his wife or one face hurdle in his career life or performing certain karma in society due to the properties of the venus i.e problems via females, wife, wealth etc.
Now lets take one of the significances of 6th house, Criticism is connected to the 6th house energy, whenever we criticize people behind the back or pass judgement on them it activates our 6th house energy which will bring disease, debt and enemies in life.
6th house is also our filter system so through this house we can filter all of our negative karmas as well, so when we don’t criticize other people and try to resist our negative emotions for someone then it will also make this house positive and protect us from debts, disease and enemies.. Specially the living significance of the planets which are placed in this house or the sign which falls in this house..

Suppose Saturn sits in the 6th house, then never criticize your Servants, people who work under you, poor, labour class and your work. Venus in this house then never criticize the partner it will create problems in marriage.

5th house is known as purva punya house, means house of past life deeds, they can be good or bad, Malefics in this house or aspecting it shows bad past life deeds and benefics placed in this house or aspecting it shows Good past life deeds. So we always have to experience or payback the karmas that are connected to this house, benefics will help us in life and malefics will create problems in life.
6th house is 2nd from 5th house with help of 6th house we can unlock our 5th house (Purva punya bhav) so 6th house is connected with employees, subordinates healing and servant and 5th house is 12th from 6th and we know 12th house represents feet in kaal purusha kundali so if we donate shoes or any healing ointments to our servant on regular basis, it will unlock the purva punya house means our karmic account of past life deeds will gets activate.

Doing good karma on timely basis improve’s our 6th house, its a Prarabdha karma which we can’t escape means the action we must face in this life due to our past life deeds we can’t alter the effects of 6th house even if we do remedies?

Prarabdha karma which shows the arrow has left the bow and nothing can stop it from hitting the target unless the divine intervenes and destroy the arrow. There are many times that person may do a Remedy but it won’t work for him because the karmic debt is so heavy, Such that the karma can only be changed by blessing of the divine or a divine guru who are rarely found.

Rahu and Ketu this two planets are called as karmic control planets, this two planets shows our karmic baggages and our life focus. Houses in which this two planets are placed becomes our focus of life towards the work connected to this two planets will balance our karmic debt of past life.

Rahu ketu axis shows our past and future karmic cycle. wherever ketu sits in the chart, it shows our accomplished karma from the past, we have mastery over those area of life and have already completed all the lessons of that house, this is the reason we feel detached from that area of life where ketu is sitting.

Rahu is future, Whichever house rahu is sitting shows our karma for this life and have obsession for that house, in our past life we have neglected that house and in this life we have to deal with it. We may get cheated or get some setbacks from that house where Rahu is sitting and from those experiences we will learn and execute karma of this life.

Our life revolves around Rahu Ketu axis. We get obsesed with the house where Rahu is sitting and also encounter setbacks from that area of life, and neglect the area where ketu is sitting and feel detached from that house but when we get setbacks from rahu we come to ketu to overcome that setback, ketu is the Planet which will heal us, because it is very familiar energy to us, we have accomplished that area of our life already, so it becomes a kind of healing energy in our life. That’s why ketu is also connected to Spirituality and liberation.

Things realted to ketu will help us to overcome the setbacks and suffering that rahu gives us and when we learn the lessons that rahu wants to teach, this axis will not stuck us anymore and reward us with success and Fulfillment in this life.

Saturn is the significator of duties, responsibilities, career and karmic debts, in whichever house Saturn is placed in the chart will show the area in which we have to put lots of efforts and face much hardships and setbacks due to past life karmic
debts, also things connected to that house will be delayed as it will teach us harsh lessons and patience.

Saturn and Rahu in the natal chart, shows what is the Major karma that needs to work on in current life and if both the planets make a relation to each other by Mutual Aspects, conjunctions then one need to first finish this house karma in order to grow or progress in this life.
If saturn and rahu both are aspecting 7th house, then person need to fulfill the marriage karma first, and only after that he/she will be able to prosper or progress in life.
If Saturn is placed in 8th house and Rahu is placed in the 5th house, As Saturn is aspecting 5th house by 10th aspect then one needs to finish the pending karma with to 5th house matters i.e Bhakti, Stability of mind, affairs, romance, children’s and basic education etc.
These Pending karmas one has to exhaust in any case without any delay or without escaping point from it, Dashas, Ad, and Pd of planets play the main role in turning life into a major transformative events and one has to finish it in any case by experiencing it and all these planets play a major role in transforming inner conscious (Spiritual instinct) of the native. Either they teach a hard lesson or one totally get spiritual in these dasha periods.
Capricorn represent the energy of delays, restrictions, duty, hardwork and consistency. Wherever Capricorn falls in the chart native always takes lots of time to take any initiative related to that house, we always put slow efforts and with lots of planning, any planet in this sign will show our rigid pending Karmas that we cant ignore, this sign taste us, don’t expect anything from the people connected to the house where Capricorn is placed and planets which are falling into it even after doing so much you will not get the praise for that, this sign wants us to just perform the duty without expecting the results, when we behave in this way then Saturn give us good results connected to the house or planet placed in it.
If Sun falls in Capricorn, native always want praise of the father, but father will be very strict and Critical, and relationship will be difficult, but when native start doing things for father without any expectations then relationship will improve.

Retrograde planets are always more powerful and impactful, because natural movement of planet is forward motion but when any planet moves in retrograde motion it shows some backward force is there which is not allowing it to move forward, so in that case it creates more force to move ahead in the motion, so in the same way there impact on us is also more as some pending karmas are there which are not allowing us to move ahead without finishing them.
Whenever we are under the dasha of retrograde planets, whatever work we perform during that period we need to put more efforts to get results from that, sometimes we need to perform it twice or thrice, this is because the retrograde motion is pulling us backward and wants us to put more efforts than usual and then only it gives us results.
That’s why we say retrograde planets shows our heavy pending karmas, we have left some unfinished karmas so in this life they become so rigid that we have to complete them and it doesn’t matter how many times we have to do that we can’t get out of it without finishing it.
Each of the Retrograde planet shows, karma connected with the karakas of the planets. To see what exactly the karma is pending with the native, we need to check the placement of the Retrograde planets in the natal chart, check in which sign the planet is placed and how many planets are aspecting it. Sign shows sufferings or delays you may face in this birth and aspects show via whom you may face such hurdles, difficulties, and hurdles in this life. Dispositer lord placement of the Retrograde planet in the natal chart shows what you need to do in this life in order to fix the pending karma. To see what exactly is the pending karma retrograde planet is indicating that one has to finish in this birth or giving a clue for certain area of life, check its 12th house placement from the retrograde planet, that house placement will show the area where one has to experience the pending karma that one has to finish.

If one has retrograde planet placed in the 9th house then it means pending karma is either with the guru, teacher or father and one has to experience it in this life via 8th house matter which is the 12th house placement from the 9th. 8th shows sufferings, health issues, hurdles and unknown troubles in life.

Whichever planet becomes the atmakarka in the chart we always experience difficult relationship with the living significance of that planet. This planet shows the most pending karmas of this life, so in the same way we always try to do our best for the relation connected to this planet, we always try to prove ourselves to this person and in return this person will not able to understand those efforts and always take those efforts lightly which may distrub native emotionally.
When Moon becomes atmakarka, native will have difficult relationship with the mother, native always try to prove themselves to mother and in return mother may not able to understand those efforts which may create difficult bond between them.
Atmakarka is the Planet which represents our pending karmas and soul purpose.
Whenever atmakarka planet is Retrograde in chart it shows deep desires which is the reason for this birth, Retrograde is inward energy of planets, so when atmakarka is in retrograde motion those energy are high on us and our nature will be highly influenced by that Planet.
Wherever atmakarka sits in chart and whichever houses it will rule will always come in our way, our life will revolve around those Houses and we have to deal with them throughout our life.

Planets in Scorpio or Aquarius sign in navmansha chart always bring heavy pending karmas in life, as Scorpio is ruled by Ketu and Aquarius is ruled by Rahu, this two are karmic signs as they are connected to Rahu and ketu.
Planets in Scorpio shows some difficult relationship with the person connected to that planet, which will bring some harsh lessons and transformations in life, and planets in Aquarius shows relationship connected to that planet will either be denied in life or if it is there then it may break.

Ex: Jupiter in Aquarius sign in navmansha shows native will either do not have childrens or if they are in the life then distance may come between them.
Ex: Mercury is placed in Scorpio sign then native may have very difficult relationship with their sisters.

There are also few other Karmas which are very intense and one cannot avoid it and those are presence in the form of curses and Karmic point. All these intense karmas one has to seen from the D9, D3, D30 and D60 chart. Where as Planetry conjunction with either Rahu or ketu in D9 shows the Deep and very intense karmas which were long pending from many of the birth and native is trying to avoid it or carry forwarding to many of birth from long via some divine help, guru blessings or Good Deeds.
As, Rahu-Ketu shows Sudden karmic point whereas Saturn shows karma that one has to improve in this birth with own efforts and actions. Rahu-Ketu karmas have come in the form of mundane and physical sufferings and karma of Saturn comes in the form of Learning and lessons.
i.e If Rahu is placed with Venus in d9 chart – One had deep, Sudden and intense karma connected with either wife or girlfriend, Relationships (Extra or pre-marital physical relations), some karma connected with lady love or with women whom he loves in past birth that can give either intense suffering or one may learn a hard lessons after marriage or it can start when one person get involved in any relationship.
If Sun is with Rahu, then one may play a deep and intense relationship with Father or fatherly figure people, this conjunction can activate a Pitru curse in chart when Sun is involved with either 5th or 9th lord in D1 chart and it is in conjunction in d9 chart. This can get activated either after marriage or when some joins Job or he or she do bad deeds to any of fatherly figure native.
If Moon is with Rahu – then it gives deep and intense emotional sufferings via Mother, mother in law or eldest sister or via suffering intensely in an emotional bond. This could be very intense when the moon is lord of 4th house in d1 and same time if it is lord of 7th in d9. Then it can get activate after marriage.
same we can check for Planetary conjunction with Ketu that shows Long pending karma connected with the past birth that one is avoiding from many of the birth. Ketu shows what is left behind, one’s rejections that have to experience and what you have to finish in this birth to grow yourself spiritually. Ketu is a planet of detachment so here suffering and the lesson is connected in the form of detachment and one may face lots of detachment via karaka of the planet as native may have given sufferings or detachment to someone in that past birth in any of the form.

Few real life incidents :

“किसी भी जातक को रोते हुए आत्मा के बदूवा से बचना होगा, वरना उसका असर आप का सात जन्मों तक पीछा नहीं छोड़ती ।”

Its a case of 90’s a big hotelier now and owner of a market place, huge property and money owned by the person but no children’s and suffering from health issues too. When saw his chart it was clearly indicating that he did some sort of fraud of property because of which he is not having children. When asked him about this he admitted. He forcefully took the prime property from a person when his child was kidnapped by militants for money.

“अपनी गुनाहो का प्रायश्चित ना करने तक पञ्च तत्त्व शांत नहीं होता, और वह प्राणों की आहुति लेता रहता है।”

A daughter in law mentally and physically tortured her mother in law to an extent that she was humiliated and physically hurt. Just within two years of this case the girl lost two of her family members from dissease.

“We never understand the damage we did or do to someone, until the same thing is done to us.”

This was a incident shared by someone in a group One male native virgo asc 5th and 6th lord saturn he once helped one of his relative (bhanja) by giving money to save him from punishment, who was accused in a case of death of a lady in accident by his vehicle. His bhanja was saved and got no punishment, after six years said native’s newly wedded daughter was found dead in her husband’s place in suspicious situation. And husband’s mama is supporting financially to save his bhanja and family.

If you have hurt someone and they are angry at you, you are safe from the Karmic backlash. When their mind has forgiven you, their soul will cry every once in a while. That is when Karma will come to sting you.
Past Karmas can’t be settled all at once. This karmic cycle doesn’t ends in one go. We must know that When ever someone hurts us they don’t know that they have hurt themselves. Their pain will be incurable because the only cure will be with you and you will have gone far away from them by the time they get symptoms. So as much as possible we shouldn’t increase our karmic backlogs.

If you want to escape from the karmic cycle of birth and death, do all your actions with gyana, and dedicate it to Lord Krishna. The Lord did say
सर्वधर्मान्परित्यज्य मामेकं शरणं व्रज ।
अहं त्वा सर्वपापेभ्यो मोक्षयिष्यामि मा शुचः ॥

भावार्थ : संपूर्ण धर्मों को अर्थात संपूर्ण कर्तव्य कर्मों को मुझमें त्यागकर तू केवल एक मुझ सर्वशक्तिमान, सर्वाधार परमेश्वर की ही शरण में आ जा। मैं तुझे संपूर्ण पापों से मुक्त कर दूँगा, तू शोक मत कर॥

Then I shall liberate you. Do not be saddened. That is truly what Krishna meant. Aum, Namo Narayanaya.

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    Amazingly ture sir. I have venus in 6th House and saturn Mercury and Ketu in 7th house and jupiter and sun in 8th House. I will extremely grateful if you can guide me. I have not married

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