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Transits are a part of what is usually called predictive astrology. And Transits are one of the main means used in astrology to forecast future trends and developments.

First of all we must know that we need to check transit of Planets from both moon chart and lagna chart. Transit from moon shows how we feel, how our mind is working, whatever Planets and dasha are promising us, if transit of Planets from moon chart do not support, it will not menifest, as moon is our mind, mind should work Accordingly.

Transit from lagna chart shows how things will menifest in real, to menifest something for longer period, lagna chart should support it, so we always need to check transit from both the charts.
If Jupiter is transiting from 10th to moon but 8th from lagna then it will give you up and downs in career, because here both the energies of 10th house and 8th house i.e career and transformation will activate.
People with same lagan and Moon sign will always get double transit effect, as same House from moon and lagna will activate during the transit of Planets. They will see good and bad both in extreme. So always check transit of Planets from both moon and lagna chart and see how things will menifest in real.
Jupiter and Saturn are very powerful planets, they stay long in any sign, whatever wisdom we need to learn in this life will be in the department of Jupiter, and Saturn itself is time or we can say saturn rules the time and karma. So their transit always have big impact in our life.
Where they are transiting in our chart, we will always encounter and experience things realted to those houses.

Technique 1 : Transit of Jupiter and saturn is very important to trigger different events in our life.
Whenever transit Saturn comes over natal Jupiter it brings health issues, Jupiter is jeeva karka and saturn is a planet of disease/ sorrows so its transit on Jupiter is not considered as good.

Ex: Jupiter is in pisces sign so when saturn will come in pisces in transit it will bring health issues.

Whenever transit Jupiter comes over natal Saturn its bring good results for career, saturn is signify career Jupiter is jeeva karka, so Jupiter in transit over Saturn activates career or bring good results in career. Native will get the clearity of what kind of career he/ she wants to choose.

Ex: All the people who have Aquarius Saturn, this year will be the deciding factor for the career, because right now Jupiter is in the Aquarius sign in the transit, which will trigger the career for the native and some change will come in the work life.

Technique 2 : We learn, we gain experience and our life transform’s after a downfall in life. Learning is a by-product of downfalls and transformation in our life.

9th house of learning activates only when we experience the 8th house of downfalls and transformation. Transit of Jupiter and Saturn trigger different events in our life, so whenever saturn or Jupiter Transit though 8th house, it give lots of up and downs, setbacks, downfalls to us, which will completely transform our understanding for life. After 8th house they go into the 9th house of knowledge, wisdom, learning and luck, and activate this areas in our life.

In the same way our life works, the transit of 8th house is heavy but also important for our growth in life.

Mainly the transit of Saturn in 8th house will change our whole perspective of life, as it will take away everything from us, so its better if we completely surrender ourselves to the divine during this period and accept whatever comes in the way.

The day saturn enters the 9th house it will automatically start the new beginning and learning in our life which will rise our luck and prosperity. The teachings of saturn in the 9th house is also needed for the 10th house of career, so that we will be able to perform our duties of 10th house in the best way possible.

Technique 3 : When Saturn or Jupiter transit in trine to the natal Rahu it creates lots of up and downs in life, Rahu is a planet of conflicts, illusion and transformation, Saturn and Jupiter are the planets which trigger different events in our life.

So whenever any one of them transit trine to the natal rahu, they will activate it which will bring lots of up and downs and problems in life, sometimes it may also bring big losses which will completely transform the personality of the native.

To check which kind of transformation it will bring in life, check the house in which it is sitting, things connected to that house will bring transformation to the native.

Ex: Rahu sitting in 10th house, so whenever Jupiter or Saturn transit over or trine to this Rahu, it will create problems at work, career, image in the society etc, which will completely transform the personality of the native, mainly this transformation will be seen in the work area.

Technique 4 : Moon chart always plays a important role, as Moon represent our mind, so how we will feel or react in any situation will depends upon the transit of planets from moon chart.

3rd 6th and 11th house from Moon chart shows our courage and efforts that we put, so transit of malefic planets (Sun, Saturn, Mars, ketu and Rahu) from this three houses are always favorable as this planet will help the native to fight with any adversities in life.

Ex: Moon is in Taurus sign in birth chart, then transit of any of this 5 malefics from Cancer, Libra and Aquarius sign is always favorable as they always bring positive results in this three houses in transit.

Technique 5 : Planets transiting in different houses in our birth chart gives different results in different houses, but planets in certain houses as compare to their natal position are not considered as good transit like,
Saturn over natal saturn is bad,
Ketu 2nd to its natal position is bad,
Jupiter Transit in 3rd house to itself bad,
Mercury transit in 4th house to itself is bad,
Sun transit in 5th house to itself is bad,
Venus transit in 6th to itself is bad,
Mars transit in 7th to itself is bad,
Moon transit in 8th house to itself is bad,
Rahu Transit in 9th to itself is bad,

Ex: If in the natal chart Jupiter is in the Sagittarius sign, so transit of Jupiter in Aquarius will give malefic results as it will be 3rd to its own position in
Ex: Rahu in in scorpio in natal chart, so rahu transit in cancer sign will give malefic effects. Moon in scorpio sign in natal chart, so moon transit in Gemini sign will not give good results.

Technique 6 : Whenever in transit Saturn aspects or cross 10th house, 10th lord or Jupiter, native will undergo positive change in profession, exception is When Saturn is in 8th house in transit.
When in transit saturn come in the 10th house from natal Saturn, at this period most of the people get into career, even if they are not into career they get the sense of what they actually want, this time period gives us realisation and importance of getting independent increase our sense of responsibility towards career. Saturn rules career, so whenever we want to judge the career we need to make saturn as ascendant and read the chart from Saturn perspective, it will show our mindset and karmas connected to profession, that’s why 10th house from the saturn plays a important role in career, Saturn Transit from that house will activate our profession or give us the realisation and show the importance of getting independent in life and take the responsibility of self.

Technique 7 : Whenever in transit Saturn aspect or conjunct natal Sun profession will improve.
Ex: Sun in Taurus, then saturn transit in Pisces, Scorpio, Taurus and leo will bring some positive change.

Technique 8 : Jupiter Transit through natal Rahu or Rahu Transit through natal Jupiter then they will give some negative results related to the house Jupiter rules.
Ex: Rahu in cancer in 5th house, then Jupiter Transit through cancer sign may bring some negative results related to Sagittarius sign and 10th house, pisces sign and 1st house.

Technique 9 : Transit of Saturn is always important as Saturn stays in a sign for a longer period of time so its impact is always more on us, Saturn always activates the house where it is transiting, so to judge what results it will give in that particular house we need to check the score of Saturn in that house:

• Score between 0-3 will be considered as weak transit, so when it transit through the house which have 0-3 score it will give financial loss, worries, health issues, lots of hardwork but less gain etc.

• House with 4 score is considered as average or good, this transit of saturn will bring both good and bad results.

• House with 5-8 score gives excellent score,
during this transit native will gain a lot wealth, fame, recognition, position etc.

• Also check the score of the house where saturn is sitting in birth chart, if it is 4 or more, than saturn is very powerful in the chart and will give excellent results in its time period.

• During Sade Sati or Saturn Dhaiya. Sade Sati means transit of Saturn in the 12th, 1st or 2nd house from the Moon, and Dhaiya is when Saturn is transiting through the 4th or 8th house from Moon.
This transit of Saturn from the moon is the most difficult time period for all of us, it impact the Moon due to which our Mind becomes unstable and we become indecisive and hopeless.

The best remedy is to make the Moon strong, because its all about our mind, if we are able to manage that, then Saturn Transit will not impact us negativity.

Technique 10 : Malefic Transit of planets from the birth nakshatra

Sun: 1,14,16,19,23
Mars: 1,3,5,7,12,14,19,21
Rahu/ketu/saturn: 1,9,10,11,26,27

Ex: If your birth nakshatra is Rohini, then whenever Saturn Transit from nakshatra which are 1,9,10,11,26 and 27 from Rohini nakshatra is not good, Rohini will be 1st to Rohini nakshatra, so saturn transit in Rohini will not be good, Uttar Phalguni is 9th nakshatra from Rohini so transit of saturn in this will also not give good results, like that the other nakshatra are Hasta, chitra, Bharani and Kritika are not good.

Jupiter transit in Aquarius sign :

To see the transit of Jupiter in the Aquarius sign, we need to see the position of Jupiter in natural kaal purush kundali by making Aries as lagna. Jupiter rules Sagittarius and pisces sign, and Aquarius is 12th to pisces sign, 12th house represent loss, so 12th to 12th is loss of the house of loss, so Jupiter transit in Aquarius will reduce the losses and increase the gains.

Aquarius sign naturally represent gains, so if someone is working with large organisations, foreign lands then this transit of Jupiter will be favorable.

Jupiter also rules Sagittarius which naturally represent 9th house and its lord is coming in 11th house, so by doing religious ceremonies, prayers, vedic rituals gain of an individual will rise, also by being spiritually inclined and through donation native will gain a lot, as 12th house energy is coming in Aquarius sign.

People who follows ethics and righteousness will also gain during this period and their desires will be fulfilled as 9th house is the house of dharma and lord of dharma is coming in the house of gains.

Aquarius energy is very karmic in nature and its energy is very transformative, Jupiter is the planet of wisdom and knowledge, so transformation will come on a large scale through which the knowledge of people will rise, people will get wisdom through that transformation which will lead us towards spirituality as the next sign which Jupiter will enter after Aquarius will be the sign of Pisces.

JUPITER transit over natal planets or Aspect on natal Planets :

Sun : Promotion, cooperation, rise in status.

Moon : Change of residence, travel.

Mars : Gain in property, efforts will rise.

Mercury : Houses, gain of land, new knowledge.

Jupiter : Fame, birth of son, blessing of Guru.

Venus : Marriage, wealth, birth of daughter.

Saturn : Gets job, promotion, career will start.

Rahu : Operation, breaks education, death.

ketu : Gives divine knowledge, ill health, end or start of litigation.

A little Intel on SATURN’s transit over the natal planets :

Sun : Ill health to father, dispute between father and son, trouble by Govt.

Moon : Interest in Astrology, unnecessary blame, ill health to mother, unnecessary expenditure, mental unrest.

Mars : Trouble by enemies, unrest, gain of land property.

Mercury : Gain of land, good time for education.

Jupiter : Change of profession, gets job or promotion, stomach issues.

Venus : Marriage, acquiring property, rise in income.

Saturn : initially gives trouble, increase efforts, later bless the Native with rise in profession and finance.

Rahu: Death like Suffering, death in family.

Ketu : Litigation, dispute, aimlessness, break in job, visiting holy places, financial loss

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