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Prashna Kundali is a very important branch of Vedic astrology. Prashna means Question and Kundali means birth chart. So literally, it means birth chart of a question. Prashna kundali is basically the birth chart created based on the date & time when the individual asks the question.
Prashna Kundali is also used when the birth date of the person is not known. The person can still get answers to important questions of life. Not everyone of us knows our date of birth and time. Long back parents didn’t kept those records. But vedic Astrology have a way to analysis the birth charts of those individuals who do not know their birth details or are not sure whether they are correct or not.
In such situations, astrology makes use of Prashna Kundali. Its very popular because it can give surprisingly accurate answers to our questions without requiring birth chart.
Through prashna kundali, one can know whether an event will occur or not.

In Prashna kundali, a kundali is cast immediately when we ask the astrologer a question. The kundali of that question is known as the Prashna Kundali.
One important thing is, we should not ask a non serious question, or ask without true desire and intent then it will not give us the correct answer.

The difference between Prashna Kundali and Janma Kundali is While the prashna Kundali shows our ongoing karma, the Janma kundali is the result of our past karmas.

Determining Prashna :

Since moon is the karaka of the mind we have to look at moon to determine, what is the question in the mind.

• Look at the Moon’s placement in the horary chart.

• Find out the planets which are within +/- 2 degrees of the moon placed anywhere in the chart those planets will indicate what’s the query of the person is, also need to see the karaktawa of those planets and in which house those planets are placed in the chart.

• If there are no planet’s near the degree of moon take the Nakshtra lord of the moon and see where it is placed in the chart.

• The placement, their natural signification and house lordship will determine what is rambling in the mind of the native.

• check the transit of moon over natal planet and add the karaka tatwa of that planet.

Now House-wise Principles of Interpretation of Prashna Charts :

1st House Prashna : Concerning health, age, caste, happiness and sorrow, body shape, etc.

2nd House Prashna : Query concerning finance: Gain, Immediate gain & Timing, family, gems and ornaments, speech, remembrance power, clothing gifts, imagination, second marriage, purchase and sale.

3rd House Prashna : Queries concerning brother/sisters, Welfare of brothers & Relation with brothers, neighbours, short journeys, rumours, message, change of residence etc.

4th House Prashna : Cultivation, garden, field, agriculture, property, rent, buy & sale, nature of transfer of residence, medicine, house, ride, mother, mouth, water, real estate, false accusation, heritage, father-in-law etc

5th House Prashna : Concerning Progeny, Indication for Progeny, Male/Female Progeny, Pregnancy indicated, Pregnancy not indicated, Abortion, Barrenness, Number of Children, Twins, Adoption, Healthy/Long Lived Progeny, Death of child, Death in womb, Death of Mother/Father, Timing of Delivery & Place of birth.

6th House Prashna : Disease : Disease cure, Body part afflicted, Disease type, Rising Drekkana and body part, Delayed recovery, Death, Timing of onset of disease & Cure of disease.
Disputes: Legal Dispute, Litigation, Compromise, Prolonged dispute, Lawyer (Karaka-Mercury) & Nature of Judgment.
Competitions: Election, Debates, Matches, Competitions & Getting Cattle/Servants.

7th House Prashna : Marriage, disputes, partnership, friendship, master/servant, plaintiff, defendant etc: Combination for marriage, Negotiation, Failure, Hindrances, Delayed Marriage, Denial, Divorce, Purity of character of bride, Adultery, Appearance, complexion & caste of bride, Love affairs leading to marriage, Marital relations, Disputes, Return of offended wife, Return of angry husband, Death of spouse, Death of the couple & Nature of union.
Court Cases: Victory of Querist/Opposite Party (OP) & Death of Querist/OP.

8th House Prashna : Queries concerning war, crossing of River, insurance, inheritance, death, disease etc. Cause of death, distress, woman’s wealth, age, loss by the enemy, quarrel, in-laws, past impediment, mental disturbance, addiction, etc.

9th House Prashna : Journeys: Queries concerning journeys, Journey fructification, Accident, Travel concerning court dispute, Death of Traveler & On Traveler’s imprisonment, Consider luck, religion, pilgrimage, guru, deity, virtuous deeds, father, foreign travel, charity, worship, grandchildren, mercy, etc.

10th House Prashna : Securing object, status, position, profession (also honours, inherit estate, thrive etc.). Securing object, status, position, Permanent Job, Success in examination for job, Promotion, Transfer, Change of Employment, Loss of Employment & Good Master/Servant relations, business, profit, and loss from the state, promotion, mother-in-law, interference in politics, work style, office, prestige, etc.

11th House Prashna : Realization of objects, securing distinction, honours and friendship etc: Success, friendship and fulfillment of object, Sale/Purchase, Place for profit, Gains/Losses & Success/Failure.

12th House Prashna : Queries concerning expenditure and losses & Moksha.
Missing Person: Return of missing person, Early return, Timing of return, Non Return & Death of missing person.
Theft/Lost Property: Combination for recovery – Place of Recovery, According to rising Lagna or Arudha Lagna sign representing place for each sign, Nature of planet associated with Lagna gives place of recovery, Other combinations for recovery, Mode of theft – Chor Graha, Identity of thief, Kind of article stolen, Time -Day/Night, Article misplaced not stolen, Non Recovery, About Thief, Distance of stolen articles, Appearance of Thief, Caste of the Thief, Sex of Thief and Prashna-Combinations.

Share one out of the box technique with you people : If someone have Saturn in one sign and you have Jupiter in trine sign from that Saturn. He will approach you for problem related to Saturn (house or karakatatwa).

Basic of Prashna techniques shared by Apoorva ji

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